Sunday, 13 July 2014

Liptons Tea - New England Teamen (1979)


New England Teamen
Liptons Tea
22 cards

Former Manchester United player Noel Cantwell was Head Coach and was assisted by another ex-United player in Dennis Viollet. Ex-Norwich City goalkeeper Kevin Keelan was one of a number of former Football League players at the club. The cards can be found individually cut and also as an uncut sheet.

22 cards
Uncut sheet

1.  Kevin Keelan
2.  Artur
3.  Peter Carr
4.  Ringo Cantillo
5.  Chris Turner
6.  Peter Simpson
8.  Keita
9.  Roger Gibbins
11.  Kevin Welsh
12.  Gerry Daly
13.  Dennis Wit
14.  Keith Weller
15.  Brian Anderson
16.  Juan Cano
17.  John Lignos
18.  Dale Peterson
19.  Steve Reid
20.  Kirk Pearson
21.  Alhinho
Noel Cantwell
Dennis Violett
Peter Carr

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