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World Cup Bubble Gum - 60 Years of World Cup 1930-1990 - Series 2 (03)


60 Years of World Cup 1930-1990 - Series 2
World Cup Bubble Gum
24 cards

Kalyan Negal has sent in some photos of cards from this collection. These examples show that the series was poorly cut. We're almost half way to a complete checklist...

Update... we now have a complete checklist for this collection. Many thanks to Thoma for the information about the missing players.

1/24.  Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany)   -   Thanks to Thoma

2/24.  Peter Shilton (England)   -   Thanks to Thoma
3/24.  Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)   -   Thanks to Thoma
4/24.  Lothar Matthaus (West Germany)   -   Thanks to Thoma
5/24.  Gary Lineker (England)
6/24.  Careca (Brazil)   -   Thanks to Thoma
7/24.  Roberto Donadoni (Italy)
8/24.  Bodo Ilgner (West Germany)   -   Thanks to Thoma
9/24.  Claudio Canniggia (Argentina)
10/24.  Giusepppe Giannini (Italy)   -   Thanks to Thoma
11/24.  Carlos Valderrama (Colombia) / Scotland
12/24.  Thomas Hassler (West Germany)   -   Thanks to Thoma
13/24.  Roger Milla (Cameroon) / Egypt
14/24.  Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
15/24.  Walter Zenga (Italy)   -   Thanks to Thoma
16/24.  Marco van Basten (Holland)
17/24.  Diego Maradona (Argentina) / Calendar
18/24.  Guido Buchwald (West Germany)
19/24.  Enzo Scifo (Belgium)   -   Thanks to Thoma
20/24.  Gary Lineker (England)   -   Thanks to Thoma
21/24.  Lothar Matthaus (West Germany)
22/24.  Roberto Baggio (Italy)   -   Thanks to Thoma
23/24.  Peter Shilton (England)   -   Thanks to Thoma
24/24.  Jurgen Klinsmann (West Germany)


  1. I remember the 1990 World cup cards as i was a collector then. These were the other players i remember being part of it:

    1) Careca (brazil)
    2) Goycochea (Argentina)
    3) Schillaci (Italy)
    4) Thomas Haessler (Germany)
    5) Enzo Scifo (Belgium)
    6) Peter Shilton (England)
    7) An Austrian Player whose name i dont remember

  2. Ruud Gullit (Netherlands) was another one

    1. Hi Santhosh Devaraj,

      Thanks for the information, it's much appreciated.



  3. Roberto Baggio (Italy)... I was also collector of these cards...

  4. 1 Jurgen Klinsman
    2 Peter Shilton
    3 Salvatore Schillaci
    4 Lothar Matthaeus

    6 Careca
    7 Roberto Donadoni
    8 Bodo Illigner
    9 Claudio Caniggia
    10 Guiseppe Giannini
    11 Carlos Valderrama
    12 Thomas Hassler
    13 Roger Milla

    15 Walter Zenga
    16 Marco Van Basten

    18 Guido Buchwald
    19 Enzo Scifo
    20 Gary Linekar
    21 Lothar Matthaeus

    23 Peter Shilton

  5. Hi Alan,

    Hope you could add a link to, or still better copy the jpg here, not taking off the host copyrights.


    1. can you post the pictures of the whole collection please ?! i'm searching for it for a long time. thanks in advance

  6. ---

    1990 Football World Cup. I was 8 years old. As a child I had collected all the 24 Cards. The bubble gums were very tasty too. I was addicted to them. I have been transported back to my childhood days. Thanks a lot for giving me back a huge slice of my childhood. Seeing these cards once again after so many years, there are tears of joy in my eyes now...


    1. Hi, I'm glad you've enjoyed seeing them again.
      Take care, Alan

  7. ---

    Hello Alan, could you please upload the pictures of all the 24 cards, both front and back side. That would be like a great thing for all of us. We all would be very grateful to you. Thanks once again for taking us back to our childhood days and helping us to relive those memories once again. Those days were so simple and innocent. Those were the best days of our lives...


    1. Hi Raj,

      I would if I could, but unfortunately I don't own the set. If anyone reading this has the full set of cards and can scan them all - front and back, please get in touch. I'll certainly include them here.


  8. Nostalgic.

    I was a collector of the cards too during 1990 World Cup. Few names which are missing in the above list -

    John Barnes
    Georghe Hagi
    Frank Rijkaard
    Rudi Voller
    Andreas Herzog
    Escobar etc..

  9. Some cards are missing because there were two series. This is the second series which came. The first series had similar cards but with a calendar at the back. They were not a numbered series. However, they had far more cards than this series of 24 as far as I remember.

    1. Thanks for your comment. If anyone can supply further information, especially photos then please get in touch.

      I'd love to be able to get to the bottom of this little mystery.

    2. You are right.there were some other players like George buruchaga, gheorge hagi and John barnes

  10. Alan, if you see Thoma's pics (, the first row is from set 1 and has no numbers at the top right of the cards. The second row onwards is from set two and has numbers 1-24.

    1. Thanks very much for that, I'll check it all out later this evening.

      Cheers, Alan

  11. refereshed my memory. Thanks a lot for the same. Infact i did like the taste of the gum too.

  12. i am having the entire 24 card set for sale.

  13. Thanks to the person who started the thread.. I had 3 each sets each.

  14. I remember I had the card of Andy Herzog Austrian footballer.. which was very rare at that time...Please post the pictures if some one has it....



    My collection of World Cup Bubble Gum cards 1990 & 1991


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