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Weetabix Ltd - WEG-29 World of Sport

WEG-29 World of Sport
Weetabix Ltd

18 cards (2 Footballers)

Although there are 18 sports personalities to collect, issued in pairs. Each card comes with 5 true or false statements on the back where you can scratch off a panel to reveal whether your choice is right or wrong. There were 12 different sets and I believe each of the 18 cards could be found with 6 different backs, which would mean you'd have to collect 108 cards to complete the set! I've only got poor photos of the Trevor Francis and Kevin Keegan cards, if anyone can provide better ones please get in touch.
UPDATE (29-09-2020 00:38):  Adrien Allen has provided a scan of the Trevor Francis double card, a better scan of the Kevin Keegan double card and included information on the rest of the missing double cards, so the list of those is now complete.

1.  Ian Botham (Cricket)

2.  Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
3.  Robin Cousins (Ice Skating)
4.  Sharron Davies (Swimming)
5.  Trevor Francis
6.  Gillian Gilks (Badminton)
7.  Maurice Hope (Boxing)
8.  James Hunt (Motor Racing)
9.  Kevin Keegan
10.  Sonia Lannaman (Athletics)
11.  Alan Minter (Boxing)
12.  Graham Noyce (Scrambling)
13.  Steve Ovett (Athletics)
14.  Lucinda Prior-Palmer (3-Day Eventing)
15.  Mary Peters (Athletics)
16.  Barry Sheene (Motor Cycling)
17.  Virginia Wade (Tennis)
18.  David Wilkie (Swimming)

Pairs, as issued

1.  Ian Botham (Cricket)   -   added 29-09-2020
&  13.  Steve Ovett (Athletics)
2.  Sebastian Coe (Athletics)   -   added 29-09-2020
&  17.  Virginia Wade (Tennis)
3.  Robin Cousins (Ice Skating)   -   added 29-09-2020
&  4.  Sharron Davies (Swimming)
5.  Trevor Francis
15.  Mary Peters (Athletics)
6.  Gillian Gilks (Badminton)
&  18.  David Wilkie (Swimming)
7.  Maurice Hope (Boxing)   -   added 29-09-2020
&  8.  James Hunt (Motor Racing)
9.  Kevin Keegan
&  14.  Lucinda Prior-Palmer (3-Day Eventing)
10.  Sonia Lannaman (Athletics)
&  12.  Graham Noyce (Scrambling)
11.  Alan Minter (Boxing)   -   added 29-09-2020
16.  Barry Sheene (Motor Cycling)

True or False football questions:

Ajax is a Dutch football club
Argentina won football World Cup 1978
Aston Villa FC's home ground is Aston Park
Aston Villa won Football League Cup 1977
Bolton Wanderers FC's nickname is 'Trotters'
Brazil were first football World Cup winners
Celtic FC's nickname is 'Bhoys'
Chelsea FC's home ground is Craven Cottage
D.C.S. Compton was a test cricketer (He was also a footballer - Editor)
Football pitch must be at least 100 yards long
Hibernian FC is an Edinburgh club
Ipswich Town FC is a Norfolk team
Kevin Keegan is a footballer   -   added 22-03-2021
Liverpool FC won European Cup 1978
Manchester City won FA Cup 1977
Queens Park Rangers is a Scottish club
Soccer is played at Rugby Park
Southampton won FA Cup in 1977   -   added 22-03-2021
St. Johnstone FC is a Perth club

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