Thursday 12 June 2014

SportKings LP - Sportkings ~ Spectacular Patch cards


Sportkings ~ Spectacular Patch cards
SportKings LP

These are all from the collection of Matt Wheeler. I am very grateful to him for allowing me to display images of his cards on this website.

2012 Sportkings - Series E - Spectacular Patch cards

SP-12.  Brandi Chastain

SP-19.  David Beckham
SP-38.  Giorgio Chinaglia
SP-55.  Pele

2012 Sportkings - Series E - 33rd National Sports Collector Convention - Spectacular Patch cards

SKER-13.  Brandi Chastain

SKER-24.  David Beckham

2013 SportKings - Series F - 34th National Sports Collector Convention - Spectacular Patch cards

SKFR-70.  David Beckham

SKFR-89.  Brandi Chastain
SKFR-90.  Freddy Adu

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