Monday, 23 June 2014

Panini - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil Sticker Collection (27) - Panini Updates

2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil Sticker Collection - Panini Updates
71+ stickers

More information on the update stickers. 

71+6 stickers

6 stickers are given away free with today's (Monday) edition (23 June, 2014) of Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper in Belgium. I was lead to believe that these would be the other six Belgian players - Simon Mignolet, Sammy Bossut, Laurent Ciman, Nicolas Lombaerts, Anthony Vanden Borre and Divock Origi. But as you can see only one of these players is on this sheet. Panini Belgium are selling the set of 77 update stickers direct to the public, which is made up of the 71 stickers in the official update set, plus the extra 6 Belgian players as listed above. 
It's possible other update sheets will start appearing in newspapers around the world. Please let me know if you find any others.

47x.  Jo (Brasil)
NNO.  Divock Origi (Belgique/Belgiä)
582x.  Adnan Januzaj (Belgique/Belgiä)
423x.  Enzo Pérez (Argentina)
333x.  Antonio Cassano (Italia)
126x.  Diego Costa (España)


  1. Hello, I find your blog really interesting! I wonder if you could tell me how many sticker of Belgium has been realeased on the update edition. Here in Spain we can only get 582x. Adnan Januzaj (Belgique/Belgiä) but reading your posts I realised that there is an other one, NNO. Divock Origi (Belgique/Belgiä) at least. If you know someone who would like to exchange it or sell it please let me know!!

    1. Hi Fernando,

      Check out this link to see which other Belgian players have been issued. I don't have any to trade or sell. Sorry.


  2. Hello,

    Do you know anyone that can sell me this Belgium edition update?
    I would like to buy it. There is only 1 person selling it on eBay but he wants $40 for it. I was hoping to find someone who would sell it at a better price. Please let me know.
    You can contact me at


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