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D.C. Thomson / The Wizard - Football Sticky-Backs (1927)


Football Sticky-Backs
D.C. Thomson / The Wizard
4 sheets

I think these are extremely rare. They don't appear in the Trade Indicies and I have never seen any of the complete sheets. I picked up the two Cardiff City players many years ago and it's only recently that I've been able to track down where they come from. They are either oval or rectangular in shape. The Jimmy Nelson one is 32mm x 29mm and the Ernie Curtis sticker is 32mm x 58mm.

If the advert is to be believed there should be four sheets of 12 players, making 48 in total. Only one of my lists includes 12 players. The list of players on sheets 2 and 3 come from the details included in the comics themselves, where the Editor only lists 10 or 11 players. The Ernie Curtis sticker is twice the size of the usual ones so this might indicate why some sheets include less than 12 players.

Football Sticky-Backs - sheet 1   -   issue no. 252,  dated 1 October, 1927

A. Dick (Hamilton Accies.)  -  Oval

A. Mercer (Sheffield United)  -  Oval
T. Cooper (Derby County)  -  Rectangular
J. Hanson  (Manchester United)  -  Oval
J. Hughes (Bury)  -  Rectangular
R. Rowley (Southampton)  -  Oval
J. Nelson (Cardiff City)  -  Rectangular
C. Wilson (Stoke)  -  Oval
J.A. Johnston (Hearts)  -  Rectangular
T. Mitchell (Leeds United)  -  Oval
W. Pease (Middlesbrough)  -  Rectangular

Football Sticky-Backs - sheet 2   -   issue no. 253,  dated 8 October, 1927

G. Waterfield (Burnley)

J. McGrory (Celtic)
J.W. Barrett (West Ham United)
J.H. Ramsey (Kilmarnock)
W. Dean (Everton)
A.L. Messer (Reading)
J. McIlwaine (Falkirk)
R.A. Edmed (Liverpool)
T. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)
J. Oakley (Sunderland)
R. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)

Football Sticky-Backs - sheet 3   -   issue no. 254,  dated 15 October, 1927

E. Curtis (Cardiff City)  -  Rectangular - Vertical

R. Bruce (Aberdeen)
J. Hulme (Arsenal)
S.E. Bowen (Aston Villa)
G. Briggs (Birmingham)   -   amended
G. Gibson (Bolton Wanderers)
R. McKay (Newcastle United)
Alex James (Preston North End)
L. McBain (St. Johnstone)   -   updated
E. O'Callaghan (Tottenham Hotspur)   -   updated
R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)   -   updated

Football Sticky-Backs - sheet 4   -   issue no. 255,  dated 22 October, 1927

W. Cook (Dundee)

J. Crapnell (Airdrieonians)   -   amended
T. Law (Chelsea)
T. Walsh (Bristol City)
J. Wilkinson (Sheffield Wednesday)
E. Linley (Notts Forest)
A. Rigby (Blackburn Rovers)
J. Bradley (Hibernians)
J. Jackson (Partick Thistle)
W. Deuchars (Raith Rovers)
McPherson (Swansea Town)
H. Adcock (Leicester City)


  1. R McKay,Newcastle United should be on sheet 1 not 3.
    A total of 45 players in this set.

    1. I presume one of the ones listed as sheet 1 should be sheet 3?


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