Tuesday 3 June 2014

Unknown issuer - Ron Davies Metalpics ~ Southampton F.C. (3)


Ron Davies Metalpics ~ Southampton F.C.
Unknown issuer
12 cards

A few days ago Reece Houghton sent in the names of the three missing cards from this collection. He's now sent in photos of those three cards, from the coloured version, which I am pleased to include here.

1.  Terry Paine
2.  Brian O'Neill (sic - Brian O'Neil)
3.  J. Steele
4.  F. Burns
5.  John McGrath
6.  Tom Jenkins
7.  Mick Channon
8.  Eric Martin
9.  J. O'Brian (sic - Gerry O'Brien)
10.  Hugh Fisher
11.  Ted Bates
12.  Ron Davies


  1. Hi Alan

    I have recently acquired part sets of two different versions of these cards. Small cards in a turquoise colour 7/12 and a larger set in a darker blue 2/12. Can I send some pictures? Kind regards Martin


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