Tuesday 3 June 2014

England's Glory - England 66

England 66
England's Glory / Philip Neill
15 cards

1.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City)

2.  George Cohen (Fulham)
3.  Ray Wilson (Everton)
4.  Nobby Stiles (Manchester United)
5.  Jack Charlton (Leeds United)
6.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
7.  Alan Ball (Blackpool)
8.  Roger Hunt (Liverpool)
9.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
10.  Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)
11.  Martin Peters (West Ham United)
12.  Harold Shepherdson (Trainer)
13.  Alf Ramsey (Manager)
14.  World Cup (Trophy)
15.  World Cup Final (Statistics)


  1. I have the England's Glory 166 World Cup set mounted in a frame - what might that be worth?

    1. The cards aren't rare so it's not going to be worth a massive amount, but I bet they look good in a frame.

  2. May seem a dumb question but there is a "signed" set for sale but there is a possibility the cards are from 2004 and so after Ramsey and Shephardsons dead.
    Were the originals set porduced in 66/shortly after winning?
    Or are they only 2004 or so?

  3. Sorry I do see the year 2004 but not sure if this is a production year

    1. The cards were produced in 2004. I haven't seen the signed set.


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