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Sport Pictures - SPO-110-1/2 / SPOM-1-1/2 Supplement to Sport Pictures (dated/undated)


SPO-110-1 / SPOM-1-1 Supplement to Sport Pictures (dated)
SPO-110-2 / SPOM-1-2 Supplement to Sport Pictures (undated)
Sport Pictures
20 + 19?

These supplements to Sport Pictures vary in size a little, between 300-315mm x 240-250mm, printed in Brown on paper. All the dated ones seem to be individual sportsmen. I'd like to thank Paul Briers (check out his Brentford FC website - brentfordfcmemorabilia) for the Cardiff City team photo, his was more complete than mine.

SPO-110-1 / SPOM-1-1 Supplement to Sport Pictures (dated)

S. Puddefoot (West Ham United)  -  issue dated 12 November, 1921

S. Chedgzoy (Everton)  -  issue dated 19 November, 1921
F. Barson (Aston Villa)  -  issue dated 26 November, 1921
P. Gallagher (Celtic)  -  issue dated 3 December, 1921
G. Wilson (The Wednesday)  -  issue dated 10 December, 1921
Max Woosnam (Manchester City)  -  issue dated 17 December, 1921
no free gift  -  issue dated 24 December 1921 (May not have been an issue)
W. McCracken (Newcastle United)  -  issue dated 31 December, 1921
R.C. Brittan (Cardiff City)  -  issue dated 7 January, 1922
A. Wilson (Middlesbrough)  -  issue dated 14 January, 1922
D.B.L. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)  -  issue dated 21 January, 1922
A. Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  issue dated 28 January, 1922
C. Buchan (Sunderland)  -  issue dated 04 February, 1922
A. Cunningham (Rangers)  -  issue dated 11 February, 1922
J. Rutherford (Arsenal)  -  issue dated 18 February, 1922
R. Kelly (Burnley)  -  issue dated 25 February, 1922
D. Rollo (Blackburn Rovers)  -  issue dated 4 March, 1922
Alan Morton (Glasgow Rangers)  -  issue dated 11 March, 1922
Stephen Donoghue (Jockey)  -  issue dated 18 March, 1922
H.A. Brown (Jockey) & F.B. Rees (Cross Country)  -  issue dated 25 March, 1922
Jimmy Wilde (Boxer - Fly-Weight Champion of the World)  -  issue dated 1 April, 1922

SPO-110-2 / SPOM-1-2 Supplement to Sport Pictures (undated)

Joe Beckett (Boxer - British Heavy-Weight Champion)  -  issue dated 8 April, 1922

Huddersfield Town F.C. 1922  -  issue dated 15 April, 1922
H. Chapman (Manager), J.W. Wood, C. McKay, C. Slade, A. Mutch, T. Wilson, W. Watson, T.J. Wadsworth, J. Chaplin (Trainer), G.E. Richardson, F.D. Mann, G. Brown, E. Islip, W.G. Johnstone, W.H. Smith, E. Davis (Goalkeeper)
Preston North End  -  issue dated 22 April, 1922

Arsenal F.C. 1922-23

Mr. W. Hall (Director), Graham, Mr. J. Humble (Director), Baker, Voysey, G. Hardy (Trainer), Williamson, White, Mr. W. Peachey (Director), Hutchins, Mr. A.L. Knighton (Manager), Rutherford, Blyth, Whittaker, Bradshaw, R. Boreham, Young
Bolton Wanderers F.C. 1922-23
Cardiff City F.C. 1922-23
W. Hardy, F. Keenor, Ben Davies, J. Blair, R.C. Brittan, W. Grimshaw, J. Gill, E.E. Smith, Len Davies, J. Evans, J. Clennell
Celtic F.C. 1922-23
Chelsea F.C. 1922-23
Fulham F.C. 1922-23
Glasgow Rangers F.C. 1922-23
Middlesex C.C.C.
Portsmouth F.C. 1922-23
Preston North End F.C. 1922
Wilfred Rhodes (Yorkshire C.C.C. and England)
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 1922-23
The Wednesday 1922-23
West Bromwich Albion 1922-23
Yorkshire C.C.C.
Liverpool F.C.

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