Saturday, 24 May 2014

Navarrete (Peru) - Copa Mundial Brasil 2014 (3)

Copa Mundial Brasil 2014
444 stickers

I don't know if I know enough about this collection to talk about it constructively. There are a few glitter stickers in this collection as can be seen above, but there are some other unusual stickers too. It seems that a Peruvian company called Capri International have moved to the front of sticker technology. Check out their short Youtube video.
At a guess I'd say that each of the glitter stickers, those like the Neymar one above can also be found with a different background as in the video. Thanks to Neil Goulding for the scans of the stickers. I think you'd need a special app to watch the videos, would that be Blippar?
I'd be interested to hear from anyone with their comments about these stickers.

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