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D.C. Thomson ~ Advenutre / The Vanguard - THO-275/THO-12 Adventure and Vanguard Football Photos


THO-275/THO-12  Adventure and Vanguard Football Photos
D.C. Thomson ~ Adventure / The Vanguard
40 cards

Each week five cards were issued, but only one card in any one of the two comics. I should have thought that it would have made it difficult to complete a set.

26 September, 1925

1.  F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)

2.  A. Jackson  (Huddersfield Town)
3.  R.F. John (Arsenal)
4.  S.R. Bennion (Manchester United)
5.  W. Dean (Everton)

3 October, 1925

6.  J.T. Williams (Middlesbrough)

7.  R.M. Rock (Kilmarnock)
8.  J.E. Townrow (Clapton Orient)
9.  J.J. Williams (Huddersfield Town)
10.  H. Adcock (Leicester City)

10 October, 1925

11.  W. Bradshaw (Bury)

12.  W. Devlin (Cowdenbeath)
13.  H.S. Miller (Chelsea)
14.  H. Hardy (Stockport County)
15.  L. Barry (Notts County)

17 October, 1925

16.  J. Fleming (St. Johnstone)

17.  R. Forshaw (Liverpool)
18.  T. Cook (Brighton & Hove Albion)
19.  R. Bennie (Airdrie)
20.  J. Hulme (Blackburn Rovers)

24 October, 1925

21.  F. Barson (Manchester United)

22.  G. James (West Bromwich Albion)
23.  H. Skitt (Tottenham Hotspur)
24.  R. Gillespie (Queens Park)
25.  R. McKenzie (Newcastle United)

31 October, 1925

26.  A. McInroy (Sunderland)

27.  J. McIntyre (Derby County)
28.  O. Brown (Darlington)
29.  J. Kennedy (Everton) (sic)  -  actually F. Kennedy (Everton) - shown in Manchester United colours  -  thank to Paul Chauveau
30.  J. McGrory (Celtic)

7 November, 1925

31.  J. Meredith (Blackpool)

32.  W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)
33.  W.D. Williams (West Ham United)
34.  Ramage (Hearts)
35.  R. Kelly (Burnley)

14 November, 1925

36.  W. Davies (Cardiff City)

37.  D. Halliday (Sunderland)
38.  D. Meikeljohn (Rangers)
39.  C.H. Green (Sheffield United)
40.  S. Cowan (Manchester City)


  1. Wonderful site. My grandad Jesse Thomas Williams is shown in the Adventure and Vanguard 1925 cards. I would love to obtain one if at all possible.
    Any help would be appreciated
    Martin Williams

    1. Hi Martin,

      The card is available from Premier Football Cards - here's a link to the page that features the card for sale:


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