Tuesday 11 March 2014

Ogden's Cigarettes - Guinea Gold (Set 82S - Mf) - Footballers & Cyclists


Guinea Gold (Set 82S - Mf) - Footballers & Cyclists
Ogden's Cigarettes
18 Football cards

Peter has sent in an illustrated checklist of the football cards in this collection. Sheffield United won the First Division title in 1898 and the F.A. Cup in 1899.

J. Almond (Sheffield United)

Beers (Sheffield United)
Bennett (Sheffield United)
P. Boyle (Sheffield United)
W. Foulkes, Goalkeeper (Sheffield United)
G. Hedley (Sheffield United)
Johnson (Sheffield United)
T. Morran (Sheffield United)
E. Needham, Capt. (Sheffield United)
F. Priest (Sheffield United)
H. Thickett (Sheffield United)
A.J. Barker (Hanley)
J.B. Brodie (Wolverhampton)
J. Fox (Sheffield & Hallamshire Football Association)
A. Kingscott (Derby)
John Lewis (Blackburn)
John K. M'Dowall (Scottish Association - Glasgow)
A. Scragg (Crewe)

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