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Boys' Realm - BOY-760 Famous Goalkeepers / Famous Full-Backs / Famous Half-Backs / Famous Forwards

BOY-760 Famous Goalkeepers / Famous Full-Backs / Famous Half-Backs / Famous Forwards
Boys' Realm
20 Footballers x 4 sheets

Roger Pashby sent me an e-mail asking about these items. He has the Huddersfield Town players illustrated on his website - Huddersfield Town Cards and Stickers. Sheets of 20 players were given away with Boys' Realm over a four week period from 18 September, 1920 through to 9 October, 1920. If you come across an intact sheet you'd be very fortunate, most are cut up by dealers, into individual players to maximise profit.

BOY-760 Famous Forwards   -   issued 18 September, 1920

S. Pagnam (Arsenal) (sic - Fred Pagnam)
C. Wallace (Aston Villa)
J. Lane (Birmingham City)
E. Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Smith (Bolton Wanderers)
R. Bond (Bradford City)
R. Kelly (Burnley)
J. G. Cock (Chelsea)
A.E. Quantrill (Derby County)
J. Clennell (Everton)
S. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
H. Barnes (Manchester City)
W. Meredith (Manchester United)
G. Elliott (Middlesbrough)
A. Morton (Glasgow Rangers)
J. Kitchin (Sheffield United)
C. Buchan (Sunderland)
B. Bliss (Tottenham Hotspur)
F. Morris (West Bromwich Albion)
S. Puddefoot (West Ham United)

BOY-760 Famous Half Backs   -   issued 25 September, 1920

F. Barson (Aston Villa)
H. Harrop (Aston Villa)
J. Crosier (Bradford Park Avenue)
W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
T. Boyle (Burnley)
F. Keenor (Cardiff City)
J. Logan (Chelsea)
T. Fleetwood (Everton)
J. Torrance (Fulham)
T. Wilson (Huddersfield Town)
C. Hilditch (Manchester United)
S. Davidson (Middlesbrough)
W. Lowe (Newcastle United)
J. McCall (Preston North End)
J. Gordon (Glasgow Rangers)
G. Utley (Sheffield United)
J. Brittleton (Stoke)
F. Cuggy (Sunderland)    -   amended 19-05-2021  -  thanks to Trevor
A. Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur)
R. McNeal (West Bromwich Albion)

BOY-760 Famous Full Backs   -   issued 2 October, 1920

T. Clay (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
T. Weston (Aston Villa)
H. Baverstock (Bolton Wanderers)
S. Blackham (Bradford Park Avenue)
J. Shaw (Arsenal)
F. Bullock (Huddersfield Town)
J. Walker (Middlesbrough)
W. McCracken (Newcastle United)
A. Knight (Portsmouth)
A. Sturgess (Sheffield United)
J. Blair (Sheffield Wednesday)
B. Hobson (Sunderland)
J. Harrow (Chelsea)
R. Downs (Everton)
A. McNair (Glasgow Celtic)
F. Duckworth (Blackburn Rovers)
F. Womack (Birmingham)
J.R. Elvey (Bolton Wanderers)
E. Longworth (Liverpool)

BOY-760 Famous Goalkeepers   -   issued 9 October, 1920

J. Brownlie (Third Lanark)
S. Hardy (Aston Villa)
E. Scattergood (Bradford Park Avenue)
J. Dawson (Burnley)
R.H. Pym (Exeter City)
A, Mutch (Huddersfield Town)
A. Goodchild (Manchester City)
J. Mew (Manchester United)
K. Campbell (Partick Thistle)
H. Gough (Sheffield United)
J. Ewart (Bradford City)
E. Hufton (West Ham United)
R.G. Williamson (Middlesbrough)
H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion)
T.E. Fern (Everton)
E. Peers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
J. Lawrence (Newcastle United)
F. Vallis (Bristol City)
C. Shaw (Glasgow Celtic)
E. Scott (Liverpool)


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