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Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate - Soccer ~ South African National Football League Soccer Player Cards

Soccer ~ South African National Football League Soccer Player Cards
Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate
South Africa

206 is the highest card number known. There are 203 footballers listed here. As you can see, some details are complete, whilst others are missing one or more of the details. Many of these players spent most of their careers playing in the Football League and Scottish League, their previous clubs are listed on the backs of the cards. For many of them this was the only time they were featured on football cards. Where the clubs are listed on the backs of the cards they are listed here, though this information is missing for many of the cards. Any help with filling in any missing information - card numbers, christian names, clubs, previous clubs - would be much appreciated. Cards 95 (front and back) and 100 shown

3.  Ronnie Mann (Durban United FC)  -  No previous club
6.  Dennis Snowdon (Port Elizabeth City FC)  -  Portsmouth
7.  Joe Frickleton (Highlands Park FC)  -  East Stirlingshire
11.  Stan Jacobitz (Highlands Park FC)
12.  Freddie Kalk (Highlands Park FC)
15.  Arthur Lightening (Durban FC)  -  Middlesbrough
17.  Dehrin Smit (Durban United FC)
23.  Kevin Lewis (Port Elizabeth City FC)  -  Liverpool, Sheffield United
24.  Stan Steele (Port Elizabeth City FC)  -  Port Vale
25.  Errol Mann (Durban United FC)
30.  Matt Crowe (Port Elizabeth City FC)  -  Norwich City
32.  W. McIntosh (Highlands Park FC)  -  Aberdeen
33.  S. Connor (Highlands Park FC)  -  Dundee
35.  J. Stewart (Highlands Park FC)  -  Falkirk
37.  Santoro (Highlands Park FC)
38.  W. Da Silva (Highlands Park FC)
39.  G. Fincham (Port Elizabeth City FC)  -  Luton Town, Plymouth Argyle
43.  C. Lindaros (Apollon FC)
47.  T. Kollias (Apollon FC)
56.  J. Livingstone (Cape Town City FC)  -  Falkirk
57.  B. Anderson (Cape Town City FC)
59.  T. Hannan (Addington FC)  -  Dundee
62.  Ivan Breitenbach (Arcadia United FC)  -  Arcadia Juniors
63.  Terry Lloyd (Arcadia United FC)
65.  Eddie Werge (Arcadia United FC)  -  Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace
69.  Jackie Botten (Arcadia United FC)
70.  Les Crocker (Arcadia United FC)
74.  Fernando Custodio (Hellenic FC)
76.  Costa Florentzos (Hellenic FC)
78.  Tommy Brice (Hellenic FC)  -  Luton Town
81.  Melvyn Teubes (Hellenic FC)
83.  Peter Ventouris (Hellenic FC)
90.  David Barber (Arcadia United FC)  -  Preston North End
91.  Willie Law (Addington FC)  -  Aberdeen, Dundee
92.  Des Anderson (Rangers FC)  -  Millwall
93.  Derek Smethurst (Durban City FC)  -  Addington
94.  Robbie McPhee (Durban City FC)  -  Stirling Albion, East Fife, Addington
95.  David Jeffrey (Addington FC)  -  Cardiff City
96.  Pat White (Rangers FC)
98.  Roy Lunniss (Addington FC)  -  Crystal Palace, Portsmouth
99.  Dick Chambers (Addington FC)  -  Bo'ness
100.  Terry McQuade (Addington FC)  -  Millwall, Queens Park Rangers
101.  Brian Edgeley (Addington FC)  -  Cardiff City, Brentford
102.  Robbie Davidson (Addington FC)
103.  Reg Randall (Rangers FC)
104.  Bob Davies (Percy Owen FC)
105.  Percy Owen (Rangers FC)
106.  Colin Neal (Durban United FC)
107.  Beni Blanero (Rangers FC)
108.  Keith Blackman (Durban United FC)
110.  Bobby Campbell (Durban City FC)  -  Greenock Morton, St. Mirren
111.  Ronnie Koekemoer (Rangers FC)  -  Cowdenbeath
113.  John Rowley (Rangers FC)  -  Birmingham City, Millwall
114.  Dave Jones (Rangers FC)  -  Rotherham United
115.  Gordon Morritt (Durban City FC)  -  Brighton & Hove Albion
116.  Gary Brown (Durban City FC)
118.  Vernon Wentzel (Addington FC)  -  Kilmarnock
120.  Frank Malone (Addington FC)  -  Kilmarnock
123.  Ronnie Orford (Germiston Callies FC)
133.  James Robertson (Germiston Callies FC)  -  Aberdeen, Crystal Palace, Motherwell
143.  Robert Scott (Germiston Callies FC)  -  Cardiff City
144.  Henry Hauser (Addington FC)
155.  John Cox (Southern Suburbs FC)  -  Chester
167.   Gilberto (Corinthians FC)
181.  Stuart Knowles (Port Elizabeth City FC)
206.  John Grant (Durban United FC)  -  Hibernian

Abreu (Arcadia United FC)
Albieta (Corinthians FC)
Allen (Germiston Callies FC)
Anderson (?)  -  Cowdenbeath
Argetides (Corinthians FC)
Bailey (?)  -  Ipswich Town
Baker (?)  -  Tottenham Hotspur
Barratt (?)  -  Nottingham Forest
Bjornstad (Southern Suburbs FC)
Blackburn (?)  -  Portsmouth
Boot (?)  -  Arsenal
Braithwaite (?)  -  Middlesbrough
Brownlee (?)  -  Third Lanark
Cameron (?)  -  Hibernian
Carpenter (Olympia FC)
Carroll (Southern Suburbs FC)
Chalmers (Durban United FC)
Clark (Boksburg FC)
Cocker (?)  -  Wolverhampton Wanderers, Leeds United
Cunningham (?)  -  Heart of Midlothian
Davies (Rangers FC)
Denysschen (Durban City FC)
Do Couto (Rangers FC)
Dold (Arcadia United FC)
Donaldson, Willie (?)  -  Manchester United
Dos Santos (?)  -  Benfica
Dougan (?)  -  Ipswich Town
Duffy (?)  -  St. Johnstone
Ellison (?)  -  Aston Villa
Exall (Durban United FC)
Ferguson (?)  -  Heart of Midlothian
Fielding (?)  -  Grimsby Town
Filakouris (Hellenic FC)
Forio (Corinthians FC)
Forrest (?)  -  Brighton & Hove Albion
Foster, S. (?)  -  Crystal Palace
Fox (Germiston Callies FC)
Gallagher (Port Elizabeth City FC)
Geddes (?)  -  Aberdeen
Gething (Arcadia United FC)
Goddard (Arcadia United FC)
Gouch (?)  -  Charlton Athletic, West Ham United
Gray, M. (Corinthians FC)  -  Manchester City
Haliva (Apollon FC)
Hall (?)  -  Oldham Athletic
Hammer (Germiston Callies FC)
Hancock (Durban United FC)  -  Torquay United, Exeter City
Harvey (?)  -  Dundee
Hewie (?)  -  Charlton Athletic
Higgins (?)  -  Heart of Midlothian
Hinton (?)  -  Watford, Arsenal
Hippert (Boksburg FC)
Horne (?)  -  Wolverhampton Wanderers, Blackpool
Hough (?)  -  Workington
Houston (?)  -  Falkirk
Howieson (?)  -  Leeds United
Hugo, R. (?)  -  Watford
Hume (?)  -  Middlesbrough
Ivan (Corinthians FC)
Jojos (Apollon FC)
Jooste (Germiston Callies FC)
Joubert (Southern Suburbs FC)
Karanicolas (Apollon FC)
Karnasopolis (Hellenic FC)
Kerr (?)  -  Aberdeen, Millwall
Kidd (Germiston Callies FC)
Knowles (Apollon FC)
Kubic (Cape Town City FC)
Laing (?)  -  Preston North End
Le Roux (Boksburg FC)
Lill, M. (?)  -  Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth, Everton
Logan (Cape Town City FC)
Lovell (Cape Town City FC)
Luttig (Boksburg FC)
MacColl (?)  -  Barnsley, Partick Thistle
MacQueen (Corinthians FC)
Malcolm (?)  -  Queens Park Rangers, West Ham United
Maltby (?)  -  Sunderland, Darlington
Mancini, Terry (?)  -  Arsenal, Queens Park Rangers, Watford
Maratos (Apollon FC)
Martin, Peter (Hellenic FC)  -  Millwall
Mason (Southern Suburbs FC)
Matthews (Boksburg FC)
McGillivray (Boksburg FC)
McGonigal (?)  -  Brighton & Hove Albion
McGuigan (?)  -  Blackpool
McKenna (?)  -  West Bromwich Albion
McLaren (?)  -  Bury
McLaughlin (?)  -  Dunfermline Athletic
Moncur (Durban City FC)
Montgomery (Olympia FC)
Morrison (?)  -  Clyde
Morton (?)  -  Newcastle United
Naude (Germiston Callies FC)
Nienaber (Apollon FC)
Orritt (?)  -  Birmingham City, Middlesbrough
Panaino (Corinthians FC)
Paolo (Corinthians FC)
Papazoglou (Corinthians FC)
Pearson (?)  -  Aberdeen
Petersen, B. (?)  -  Blackpool
Petersen, K. (?)  -  Blackpool
Pryde (?)  -  Clyde
Redpath (?)  -  Falkirk, St. Mirren
Ridley (?)  -  Gillingham
Roper (Arcadia United FC)
Rufus (Highlands Park FC)
Rugg (?)  -  Queen of the South
Ryder (Durban United FC)
Sakelliou (Apollon FC)
Salton (Durban United FC)
Saunders (Durban United FC)
Scott (?)  -  Leyton Orient
Scott (?)  -  Liverpool
Scott, G. (?)  -  Aberdeen
Semple (Boksburg FC)
Shaw (?)  -  Chelsea, Norwich City
Shuttleworth (?)  -  Burnley, Preston North End
Sinclair (Durban United FC)
Skafidas (Apollon FC)
Smethurst (Addington FC)
Smith (Olympia FC)
Smith, K. (?)  -  Blackpool, Sunderland
Smith, T. (?)  -  Tottenham Hotspur
Snell (?)  -  Ipswich Town
Spenceley (Addington FC)
Stefonakos (Corinthians FC)
Summers (?)  -  Brentford
Thompson (?)  -  Grimsby Town
Tocknell (?)  -  Charlton Athletic
Uriol (Corinthians FC)
Walker (Rangers FC)
Walters (Addington FC)
Williams (Addington FC)
Woods (Germiston Callies FC)
Wren (?)  -  Hibernian, Rotherham United
Yialiouris (Corinthians FC)


  1. Are these cards available for purchasing? I have a large collection but would wish to complement with the above ...

    1. Hi Eddie,

      Sorry, I don't have any for sale.


  2. I will have a look at my collections in the UK when back and see if I can assist in completing some of the missing info. Without even referring to them I can name a few of the players listed above, i.e. missing names: Jackie Wren; Brian Tocknell; Derek Smethurst; Les Salton; Keith Petersen; Brian Petersen; George Ryder; Bryan Orritt; Malcolm Rufus; Plankie Naude; Frank McGuigan; Jimmy Morrison; Arnje Bjornstad; Roy Bailey; Bobby Braithwaite; Bobby Chambers; Dennis Cunningham; Ken Denysschen; Francis Exall; John Fielding; Trevor Gething; John Hugo; Roger Hugo; Hennie Joubert; Leon Kubic; Mickey Lill; Eric Logan; Vic Lovell; Walter da Silva; Ben Anderson ... more to follow.

    1. Hi Edward,

      Thank you for all your comments over various posts. Any help with trying to complete the Turnwright's checklists would be much appreciated. I've been trying to track down the complete list for a few decades!



  3. 206. John Grant (Durban United) – Ayr United; Hibernian

    Please note:
    There are in fact more than 206 cards in the full set due to the duplication of numbers 21 (x2), 26 (x2), 29 (x3) and 122 (x2).
    Frank McGuigan (Durban United) – cards 26
    Some of the spellings of the names of players are incorrect on the cards – correct spellings sourced from South African soccer historian, Peter Raath’s (British born) excellent book “Soccer Through the Years 1862 – 2002” This book contains the names of all British subjects who played and coached in South Africa from 1897 – 2002. It chronicles the history of all clubs from this era.
    Some players have only initials preceding their surnames as even though I have trawled through the above-mentioned book and researched on the internet and the history of the clubs from whence they came to SA, I cannot come up with their first names. I shall persevere …

  4. Apologies for the number of submissions, but I could not send as one document.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thank you for your submissions, that's an amazing list. It might have been easier for you to have e-mailed me - I'll compile it all and add a new post to my blog .
      Thank you very much for your help.
      Kind regards,

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    Badges also available. Hard to find.

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