Wednesday 18 December 2013

Fore Publications - Football Stars: Past-Present-Future

Football Stars: Past-Present-Future
Fore Publications

These were removed from three booklets called Football Stars: Past-Present-Future. Not cards, but nice additions to anyone's collection. For some I have the names of the players clubs, for others I don't. I'm also unaware of which issues the pages come from. Any help with this information would be much appreciated.

Alf Ramsey (Southampton) / Alf Sherwood (Cardiff City)

Bert Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers) / Johnny Morris (Manchester United)
Chris Duffy (Charlton Athletic) / George Swindin (Arsenal)
Cyril Trigg (Birmingham City) / Peter Doherty (Huddersfield Town)
Eddie Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday) / Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United)
Frank Hodgetts (West Bromwich Albion) / Bill Shankly (Preston North End)
George Lowrie (Newcastle United) / Alf Stubbins (Liverpool)
Jack Rowley (Manchester United) / Leslie Smith (Aston Villa)
Ken Willingham (Leeds United) / Fred Harris (Birmingham City)
Laurie Scott (Arsenal) / Len Duquemin (Tottenham Hotspur)
Sep Smith (Leicetser City) / Mickie Fenton (Middlesbrough)
Ted Fenton (West Ham United) / Billy Steel (Derby County)
Tommy Lawton (Notts County) / Eric Day (Southampton)
Trevor Ford (Aston Villa) / Jack Vernon (West Bromwich Albion)
Joe Baccuzzi / Bobby Evans
John Balmol / Ronnie Burgess
Henry Cockburn / Billy Ellerington
Jimmy Cowan / Walley Barnes
Jimmy Dickinson / Willie Redpath
Ted Ditchburn / Don Welsh
Tom Finney / Andrew Beattie
Reg Flewin / Reg Allen
Neil Franklin / Dennis Westcott
Bill Gorman / Daily Duncan
Jimmie Hagan / Alex Forbes
George Hardwick / Wilf Mannion
Harry Johnson
Herbert Johnson / Tommy Walker
Bryn Jones / Davy Walsh
Peter Kippax / Sam Barkas
Victor Lambden / Leslie Bennett
Jack Lee / Charlie Wayman
Jim Logie / Leslie Compton
Archie MacAuley / Ronnie Rooke
Stanley Matthews / Stan Mortensen
Andy M'Claren / Thomas Jones
Johnny Morris / Jimmy Mullen
George Rowley / Sammy Smyth
Len Shackleton / Frank Brennan
Frank Swift / Horatio Carter
Charlie Tully / Roy Bentley
Willie Waddell / Billy Houliston
Willie Woodburn / Jack Dodds
Billy Wright / Len Goulden
George Young / Reg Lewis


  1. I have Volume 3 this includes Frank Swift (cover), Lawton, day, ramsey, Sherwood, duffy, Swindon, scott, duquemin, ted fenton, steel, Willingham, harris, trigg, Doherty, Williams, morris, Rowley, leslie smith, ford, Vernon, Hodgetts, shankley, sep smith, mickie fenton, Quigley, milburn, lowrie, stubbins, Johnson. Hope that helps. Gary

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your help. I've got three posts about these magazines:


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