Monday, 20 January 2020

Eastern Daily Press - Norwich City Centenary

Norwich City Centenary
Eastern Daily Press
24 cards

These are cigarette card size, with a yellow border. I know of the following cards, there are probably quite a few more to find.... are there any Canaries out there who can help?
UPDATE (20-01-2020 12:04):  Penno55, a Grimsby Town fan rather than a Norwich City fan, has provided all the missing information for this collection. The set consists of 24 cards and was released by the Eastern Daily Press in 2002 to coincide with Norwich City's Centenary. I originally had it listed as being issued by the club. They were issued as a full sheet with the last 8 printed in colour. Still no images to show though and as I have made so many changes to this post I thought I would re-publish it having originally posted it in August 2013.

McEwan (1905-08)
Varco (1927-29)
Vinall (1933-37)
Ashman (1947-63)
McCrohan (1951-62)
Butler (1957-65)
Stringer (1965-76)
Davies (1963-66)
MacDougall (1973-76)
Deehan (1981-85)
Gavin (1949-58)
Nethercott (1947-59)
Eyre (1946-51)
Robinson (1932-49)
Hannah (1921-35)
Keelan (1963-80)
Allcock (1958-69)
Hill (1958-63)
McDougal (73-76)
Deehan (81-85)
Gunn (86-98)
Crook (86-97)
Bowen (87-96)
Fleck (87-92 & 95-98)
Eadie (93-99)
Roberts (97-)


  1. This is a set of 24 issued by Eastern Daily Press in 2002 to celebrate City's centenary. They were issued as a full sheet.The remain 8 were printed in colour:-McDougal 73-76,Deehan 81-85,Gunn 86-98,Crook 86-97,Bowen 87-96, Fleck 87-92 & 95-98, Eadie 93-99, Roberts 97 - (playing at time of issue..)-from a Grimsby fan

    1. Thank you very much for your help. I've made all the changes and decided to re-publish it rather than just update it.


  2. Hi Alan, do you want some images if so how shall I send them ?

    1. Yes please, can you e-mail them?

      Thank you.


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