Thursday, 23 January 2020

Boys' World - Boys' World Soccer Extra (02)

Boys' World Soccer Extra
Boys' World
1 booklet

Produced in two parts, the first was included with Boys' World dated 28 September, 1963 (Vol. 1, number 36) with the second part available the following week. When folded and arranged in order the pages create a 16-page booklet. Here is an index of the pages:

1.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
2.  Young Players to Watch
3.  How Manchester United Won the Cup with Denis Law and Pat Crerand
4.  Teams to Watch this Season by Tommy Docherty
5.  "It's a Record"
6.  The European Cup / The European Cup Winners' Cup
7.  The Top Twenty Marksmen / Stanley Matthews Football Boots
8/9.  Boys' World Team of the Year
10.  How They Finished Up - League Tables, 1962-63
11.  Soccer Forecaster / Stanley Matthews - Football of the Year
12.  Teams Photos - Scotland, England
13.  Scotland are Champs / Quick Quiz
14.  'Plot the Game' Table
15.  Fixtures for your Diary - 1963-64 Season
16.  Stars of Four Countries

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