Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nottingham Guardian Journal - Two in Gear

Two In Gear (Album called Soccer Scrapbook)
Nottingham Guardian Journal
20 cards

These were all numbered, but I only have the numbers for four of them. There was a similar set called 'Two in Gear' issued by Evening Mail - Sports Argus, covering clubs in the Birmingham area.

1.  Ian Moore & Barry Lyons (Nottingham Forest)
7.  Peter Hindley & Ronnie Rees (Nottingham Forest)
8.  Dave Hilley & Bobby Chapman (Nottingham Forest)
9.  Denis Law & George Best (Manchester United)
Terry Hennessey & John Winfield (Nottingham Forest)
Bobby McKinley & John Barnwell (Nottingham Forest)
Henry Newton & Paul Richardson (Nottingham Forest)
Colin Hall & Alan Hill (Nottingham Forest)
Dave MacKay & Frank Wignall (Derby County)
Kevin Hector & Roy McFarland (Derby County)
Ron Webster & Les Green (Derby County)
John McGovern & Alan Durban (Derby County)
Stuart Boam & Johnny Quigley (Mansfield Town)
Brian Bates & Dudley Roberts (Mansfield Town)
John Hobson & John Ryan (Notts County)
Keith Smith & Denis Oates (Notts County)
Brian Stubbs & Mike Rose (Notts County)
Bob Worthington & Richie Barker (Notts County)
Tony Dunne & Brian Kidd (Manchester United)
Willie Morgan & David Sadler (Manchester United)

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