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V. Doyiakos A.V.E.E. (Greece) - Footballers

Footballers (?)
V. Doyiakos A.V.E.E., Spartis 27, Metamorfosi, Attica
300 cards

Even though there are various designs, I think all these cards are from the same collection. An interesting set, as the lower numbers feature top players from around the world. Lots of missing numbers, I'm always interested in hearing from anyone who can fill in any gaps and would be happy to receive information in English or Greek.

Ακόμα κι αν υπάρχουν διάφορα σχέδια, νομίζω ότι όλοι Αυτές οι κάρτες είναι από την ίδια συλλογή. Μια ενδιαφέρουσα σειρά, όπως τα χαμηλότερα νούμερα διαθέτουν κορυφαίους παίκτες από όλο τον κόσμο. Πολλά αριθμούς που λείπουν, είμαι πάντα ενδιαφέρονται για ακρόαση από όποιον μπορεί να συμπληρώσει οποιαδήποτε κενά και θα είναι στην ευχάριστη θέση να λαμβάνουν πληροφορίες σε Ινγκλές ή Ελληνικά.

10.  Paul Mariner (England)
11.  Erwin Vandenbergh
17.  Harald Schumacher (West Germany)
20.  Junior (Brazil)
31.  Luis Arconada (Spain)
35.  Team Photo (Real Madrid)
38.  Zbignien Boniek (Poland)
47.  Italia - Brazil 3-2
50.  Team Photo (Argentina)
53.  Paul Breitner (West Germany)
54.  Jean Marie Pfaff (Belgium)
55.  Team Photo (Poland)
58.  Chris Nicholl (Northern Ireland)   -   added 23-05-2017   -   thanks to Martin Bennett
66.  Vladimir Bessonov
79.  Paolo Rossi (Italy)
80.  Michel Platini (France)
92.  Dimitris Parafestas (Larisa)
98.  Juan Ramon Rotsa (Panathinaikos)
100.  Vaggelis Vlachos (A.E.K. Athens)
113.  Maik Galakos (Panathinaikos)
114.  Stelios Manolas (A.E.K. Athens)
115.  Christos Ardizoglou (A.E.K. Athens)
116.  Giorgos Skartados (P.A.O.K.)
117.  Giannis Vennos (Aris)
124.  Heofilos Simeoforidis (Panathinaikos)
129.  Hanasis Dimopoulos (Panathinaikos)
130.  Petros Ravousis (A.E.K. Athens)
134.  Giorgos Kastanos (Apollon)
144.  Spiros Livathinos (Panathinaikos)
162.  Christos Dimopoulos (P.A.O.K.)
163.  Kostas Kouis (Aris)
166.  Giannis Valaoras (Larisa)
174.  Giannis Dintsikos (A.E.K. Athens)
178.  Theodoros Zilelidis (Aris)
184.  Giorgos Prokovas (Apollon)
188.  Rigoris Charalampidis (Panathinaikos)
196.  Zafiris Kakaris (Panionios)
202.  Kostas Orfanos (Olympiakos)
208.  Kostas Antoniou (Panathinaikos)
213.  Team Photo (A.E.K. Athens)
215.  Team Photo (O.F.I.)
216.  Giannis Gounaris (Olympiakos)
217.  Meletis Persias (Olympiakos)
218.  Kostas Tarasis (Panathinaikos)
231.  Nikos Vamvakoulas (Olympiakos)
251.  Vladimir Zaets (Panathinaikos)
257.  Team Photo (P.A.O.K.)
258.  Team Photo (Pas Giannena)
259.  Vaggelis Kousoulakis (Olympiakos)
263.  Lisandros Georgamlis (A.E.K. Athens)
265.  Christos Dimopoulos (P.A.O.K.)
270.  Giannis Gravanis (Panionios)
272.  Team Photo (Aris)
273.  Team Photo (Ethnikos Pireaus)
277.  Giannis Dintsikos (A.E.K. Athens)
284.  Giannis Valaoras (Larisa)
285.  Themis Vaggis (Egaleo)
287.  Nikos Anastopoulos (Olympiakos)
288.  Vasilis Alexiou (Pas Giannena)


  1. The issuer is:

    V. Doyiakos A.V.E.E.
    Spartis 27, Metamorfosi, Attica

    When I find more time, I will be back...

  2. I have 302 of these cards. Here is the link to my page where you can check out the pics...


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