Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rover Design & Co. Victory Blend - Portsmouth &.... (2)

Portsmouth &....
Rover Design & Co. Victory Blend
10 or 20 cards

Trevor Cotterell has again furnished the names of the two missing names in the checklists for the 'Portsmouth & Aston Villa' and 'Portsmouth & Newcastle United' sets. The complete checklists are listed below.

The illustration shows two cards from the 'Portsmouth & Southampton 1900-1920' set.

Portsmouth & Aston Villa  -  complete
Jimmy Allen
Tom Bowman
Derek Dougan   -  Thanks to Trevor Cotterell
Steve Foster
Joe Hisbent
Georgie Hunter
Johnny Martin
Fred Wheldon
Guy Whittingham
Billy Yates

Portsmouth & Newcastle United  -  complete
Bjorn Kristensen
John Beresford
Tommy Casey
Mike Channon
Albert Juliussen
Malcolm MacDonald
Gavin Maguire
Mick Quinn   -  Thanks to Trevor Cotterell
Jimmy Scoular
Mark Stimson

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