Monday, 29 July 2013

Topps - 2013 Allen & Ginter's Baseball (2)

2013 Allen & Ginter's Baseball
Only 2 players

Mainly a baseball collection, but you'll also find cards covering a wide variety of subjects in the sub-sets, including redemption cards for actual spiders mounted on cards. You'll also find cards about the solar system, a number of cards on John F. Kennedy, and others featuring the pyramids at Giza, King Edward VII, Miss Universe and Nelson Mandela and many others. Contact me if you'd like a complete list. Also amongst them are three football cards, which are listed below:

2013 Allen & Ginter's Baseball - Base set
11.  Robin van Persie
130.  Pele

2013 Allen & Ginter's Baseball - Autographs

AGA-P.  Pele
AGA-RVP.  Robin van Persie

2013 Allen & Ginter's Baseball - Non-Baseball Relics

NBR-P.  Pelé

I have yet had confirmation of the oversized box loader card shown in the previous post. What seems to be the complete sub-set of 10 'Oversized Box Loader Autograph' cards is known and Pele is not amongst them.

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