Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Brentford F.C. - Brentford F.C. Player Postcards

Brentford F.C. Player Postcards
Brentford F.C.
9 known so far

I don't know much about these, it's possible they were issued with clubs programme or by a local newspaper. Anyone?

C. Brodie
A. Hawley
A. Mansley
R. Ross
R. Fenton
G. Dobson
A. Jones
P. Gelson
T. Higginson

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  1. Hi Alan
    I believe these postcards were sold in the new club shop, "Bertie Bees Bazaar", which was newly opened on 5th October 1968. It states in a programme, from 21/9/68, that badges, team photos, pens, rosettes and player photos are available for purchase.
    I hope this helps. I assume that each player had a photo and so others from that year, who made an appearance, could be: A.Nelmes, J.Richardson, P.Terry, G.Neilson, G.Phillips, D.Renwick, Hunt, P.Deakin, G.Kirby, Foster, B.Caterer, K.Hooker and Willis.
    I'd love to have scans if possible of those that you have. If they're in your collection?
    Paul Briers


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