Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sport magazine - Cavalcade of F.A. Cup Winning Teams

Cavalcade of F.A. Cup Winning Teams (cut-outs)
Sport magazine
18 cut-outs

I don't have any examples to show you. These are cut-outs, intended to be collected. It's possible that almost every Cup Final is represented or it might be that selected sides are featured. I've always intended going to the Newspaper Library to compile the complete list, but there has always been more pressing research that I needed to do.
UPDATE (21-02-2017 09:52):  I originally had this collection listed as having come from Cavalcade magazine. Richard Small has informed me that it was actually published in Sport magazine. I have amended the post title and the entry in the Blog Index. Richard has also told me the series started in issue 52 of 'Sport' in 1949.

1912-13 - Aston Villa
1927-28 - Blackburn Rovers
1928-29 - Bolton Wanderers

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