Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ogden's Cigarettes - Football Club Colours (5)

Football Club Colours
Ogden's Cigarettes

Further cards from this collection, we're now up to 24 cards. I think I've exhausted by 'finds' with this batch. I'll include all the other Football Club Colours cards in the next couple of posts, in case someone else would like to take up the challenge of identifying these players....

28.  Swansea (R.F.C.) - R.M. Owen
(Ogden's Cigarettes - Famous Footballers)

2.  Bristol Rovers - W. Beats
(Ogden's Cigarettes - Famous Footballers - Wolverhampton Wanderers)

8.  Derby County - Steve Bloomer
(Smith's Cup Tie Cigarettes - Footballers (1906))

13.  Aston Villa - Howard Spencer
(Singleton & Cole Ltd. - Footballers (1905))

 14.  Queens Park Rangers - W. Yenson
(Cohen Weenan - Football Captains 1907-08)

A Queens Park Rangers message board identified this player as W. Yenson. That is the only reason this card is included here. I must admit I'm not convinced. Anyone have any better ideas?

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