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Ogden's Cigarettes - Football Club Colours


Football Club Colours
Ogden's Cigarettes

This set is unusual as the cards state that a set is made up of 50 cards, but this collection runs to 51. They opted to include the Captain of the South African (Rugby) tourists as an additional card. He is P.J. Roos. 

For a long time I've been meaning to check the other cards in the collection to see if they feature actual players. The painted portraits are anonymous but some faces seem more than a little familiar.

I have scoured through loads of cards from the Edwardian era and I think I've found some cards that resemble players in the Ogden set. I'll start with a few players and I'm taking them in no particular order, even though I'm starting off with card no. 1 - Reading.

More cards will follow in the next few days. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on these. Am I right? Am I wrong? Can you recognise any others? The checklist is included at the end of this post. 

1.  Reading  -  Herbert Smith
(Cohen Weenan - Football Captains 1907-08)

47.  West Ham United - George Kitchen 
(Cohen Weenan - Football Captains 1907-08)

37.  Manchester United - Charlie Roberts
(Cohen Weenan - Football Captains 1907-08)


1.  Reading - Herbert Smith
2.  Bristol Rovers - W. Beats
3.  Notts County - A. Griffiths
4.  Southampton
5.  New Brompton
6.  Brentford - George Parsonage
7.  Sunderland
8.  Derby County - Steve Bloomer
9.  Fulham
10.  Swindon Town - William Jones
11.  Sheffield United
12.  Everton
13.  Aston Villa - Howard Spencer
14.  Queens Park Rangers - William Yenson
15.  Northampton (without cap)
16.  Middlesbrough
17.  Luton - R.M. (Bob) Hawkes
18.  Woolwich Arsenal - Jimmy Ashcroft
19.  Watford
20.  Bristol (R.F.C.)
21.  Gloucester (R.F.C.)
22.  Richmond (R.F.C.)
23.  Wolverhampton Wanderers - T. Baddeley
24.  Notts Forest
25.  Tottenham Hotspur
26.  Newcastle United
27.  Blackburn Rovers - R. (Bob) Crompton
28.  Swansea (R.F.C.) - R.M. Owen
29.  Devonport Albion (R.F.C.)
30.  Blackheath (R.F.C.)
31.  Cardiff (R.F.C.) - E.G. Nicholls
32.  Stoke - T. Holford
33.  Newport (R.F.C.) - Charles M. Pritchard
34.  Bury
35.  Sheffield Wednesday - T.H. (Tom) Crawshaw
36.  Portsmouth
37.  Manchester United - Charlie Roberts
38.  Bolton Wanderers - Stokes
39.  Manchester City
40.  Bristol City
 - Harry Clay   -   added 02-06-2022  -  thanks to Doug
41.  Exeter (R.F.C.)
42.  Millwall - G. Stevenson
43.  Preston North End
44.  Northampton (with cap)
45.  Birmingham City - H. Robinson
46.  Brighton & Hove
47.  West Ham United - George Kitchen
48.  Plymouth Argyle
49.  Liverpool - A.G. Raisbeck
50.  Penarth (R.F.C.)
51.  South African Captain (Rugby) - P.J. Roos


  1. Interesting stuff! I've always assumed these were just 'generic' pictures, but that's just me judging the Reading card. I'm very familiar with Herbert Smith and the 'Football Club Colours' card looks nothing like him but... looking at the two cards side by side, it probably is supposed to be him, it's just not a very good drawing! Great stuff, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Chris, I've always wanted to investigate these pictures. I started yesterday evening about 8 o'clock, fell asleep around 4.30a.m. and started again when I awoke just after 8.30 this morning. It's now 2.00pm and I've just finished uploading the last of the remaining cards that I don't recognise.

  2. are you still running this blog?

  3. Alan, I've just noticed you're reporting card no.42 as George Stevenson, his forename was General, not George https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Stevenson, also http://www.lfchistory.net/Players/Player/Profile/858
    Hope this helps!!

    1. Hi James,

      Thank you for letting me know, I didn't know what his first name was, but that certainly is a unique one!



  4. I own card #40 and I have seen it a couple places, including a listing on ebay today, as Harry Clay - Bristol City

  5. Do these go for sale

    1. They can be found on eBay and specialist auction houses from time to time.


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