Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Unknown issuer - Star Badges (Plastic)

Star Badges (Plastic)
Unknown issuer
Unknown number

These badges aren't really cartophilic, but I think they are collectable. Most that you find are 'star' shaped, but they came in a wide variety shapes. They were cheap and easy to make. The same player can be found in many different poses. There were probably thousands of different badges issued throughout the late 1950s and most of the 1960s. 

I remember them being on sale outside Ninian Park, but I rarely bought them. I travelled 20 miles to Cardiff and what with admission fees (when you could pay at the turnstile) and programmes, I never had much money for such 'luxuries'.

The collector in me would like to gather photographs or scans of as many of these badges as possible, to record them for posterity in a database. Anyone want to help?

Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) - red Star
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) - red Pearl
Johnny Dixon (Aston Villa) - claret Diamond
Laurie Brown (Tottenham Hotspur) - blue Star

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