Thursday, 23 May 2013

Portsmouth F.C. - Footballers

 Duggie Reid        Jimmy Scoular

Portsmouth F.C.
Unknown Number

Wright & Logan photographic style card with printed autograph. Plain back. These were issued when Portsmouth won the First Division in 1949-50. Only 3 known at the moment. Portsmouth F.C. used 25 players during the 1949-50 season, though some of them just played a handful of games.
Here's a list of Portsmouth F.C. appearance with games player, League and Cup, in brackets:  Ernest Butler (48), Harry Ferrier (48), Jimmy Dickinson (46), Jack Froggatt (46), Peter Harris (44), Ike Clarke (43), Jimmy Scoular (42), Billy Hindmarsh (40), Len Phillips (39), Duggie Reid (30), Reg Flewin (29), Bill Spence (16), Reg Pickett (15), Bill Thompson (10), Lindy Delapenha (6), Cliff Parker (6), Dan Ekner (5), Jasper Yeuell (4), Bert Barlow (3), Phil Rookes (3), Ron Bennett (2), Jimmy Dawson (1), Jimmy Elder (1), Peter Hingham (1), Jimmy Stephen (1).
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UPDATE (18-04-2020 15:56):  The year of issue has been amended from 1949-50 season to 1948-49.

Harry Ferrier
Duggie Reid
Jimmy Scoular

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