Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sport magazine - Football Close-Up

Football Close-Up (newspaper cut-outs)
Sport magazine

Another collection of newspaper cut-outs, though these come from a magazine called Cavalcade. The edging, which can only just been seen at the top of the scan is similar to that visible on the Cavalcade - League Club Captains item shown previously.
UPDATE (21-02-2017 09:52):  I originally had this collection listed as having come from Cavalcade magazine. Richard Small has informed me that it was actually published in Sport magazine. I have amended the post title and the entry in the Blog Index. He has also provided the dates when this series was published - 17th August, 1951 to 27th December, 1951.

1.  ?
2.  ?
3.  Stan Hayhurst (Grimsby Town)
4.  ?
5.  Bernard Streten (Luton Town)
6.  Michael Barrass (Bolton Wanderers)
6.  Don Revie (Hull City)
7.  Billy Rees (Leyton Orient)
8.  ?
9.  Bobby Campbell (Chelsea)
10.  Ivor Allchurch (Swansea Town)
11.  Harold Williams (Leeds United)
12.  Billy Morris (Burnley)
13.  ?
14.  Dennis Westcott (Manchester City)
15.  ?
16.  Alf Sherwood (Cardiff City)
17.  Alf McMichael (Newcastle United)
18.  Ron Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
19.  George Farm (Blackpool)
20.  ?

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