Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Topps - Match Attax 101 The Road To UEFA Nations League Finals (01) - Starter Pack - UK

Match Attax 101 The Road To UEFA Nations League Finals
? cards

The Starter Pack - Binder, two 10 card packets (20 cards), two Limited Edition cards, magazine, including checklist, and a two-player game mat. Price £5.99.
UPDATE (22-06-2022 23:30):  The collection appeared for pre-order on the Topps were late yesterday afternoon (22 June, 2022). The Starter Pack contains 20 Match Attax 101 cards, a Gold Erling Haaland Limited Edition, a Home Grown Hero Jude Bellingham Limited Edition, a 16 page Game Guide, playpitch plus collector binder with covers and is priced at £5.99. The second image is the original mock-up produced by Topps.
UPDATE (02-07-2022 20:16):  Scans of the front and back of the packaging added, which is considerably different from the image used on the Topps website.

NL1.SP1010.T01.  Starter Pack


  1. Are these on sale yet?

    1. I think they are scheduled for release in June.


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