Wednesday 21 July 2021

Daily Herald / Sportfoto - (SPO-130/DAA-2) Footballers (03) - Series 1 - 1950

DAI-180-3-1a/b/c / DAA-2 Footballers (Daily Herald)
DAI-180-3-2a/b / DAA-2 Footballers (Daily Herald / SPORTFOTO)
DAI-180-3-2a/b / DAA-2 Footballers (SPORTFOTO)
SPO-130 / DAA-2 Footballers (Sportfoto)
Daily Herald / Sportfoto
32 cards

Andrew Leitch has provided scans of these 11 cards. This set is characterized by having a a "No." before the number. These can be dated the cards as 1950 as Trevor Ford is shown with Aston Villa and is shown with Sunderland in the second 1951 Daily Herald series. Also note the misspelling of Stanley Mathews (sic). The date is also important as I believe it also the first time John Charles is represented on a card. Dennis Compton is missing from the illustrations and there seem to be just 12 cards in this original print run.

1.  Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
2.  Stanley Mathews (Blackpool)  -  sic
3.  Billy Wright (Wolves)
4.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham)
5.  Reg Flewin (Portsmouth)
6.  Joe Mercer (Arsenal)
7.  Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
8.  Trevor Ford (Aston Villa)
9.  Dennis Compton (Arsenal)
10.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
11.  Peter Doherty (Doncaster)
12.  John Charles (Leeds United)

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