Sunday 18 July 2021

Ceregumil (Spain) - Jugador Internacional de España (1947)

Jugador Internacional de España
11 cards

I have shown one card that has been assembled, one image of the three sections and one card that is in it's original state. As the collection consists of Spanish internationals I have assumed that there are 11 players in total. I have two players that I don't know the numbers of, so that might mean the checklist is almost complete. When assembled the cards are approximately 12cm in height - the base includes two sections that can be folded back so that the card stands upright.

1.  Eizaguirre (Valencia C.F.)
2.  Pedrito (Real C.D. de La Coruna)
3.  Aparicio (Atlético Aviación)
5.  Germán (Atlético Aviación)
6.  Ipiña (Madrid C. de F.)
7.  Epi (Valencia C.F.)
9.  Zarra (Athletic Club Bilbao)
10.  César (Barcelona C.F.)
11.  Gaínza (Athletic Club Bilbao)

Herrerita (Real Oviedo)

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