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H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd. - The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1962

The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1962
H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd.
88 photos

Another checklist for one of the "Legible" Soccer Diaries, this one is from 1962 and has a total of 56 pages of photographs, 24 have text on the back and 32 are double-sided, so that makes a total of 88 photos listed.

•  Orritt and Singer (Birmingham City)  b/w page 6
•  Herd (Arsenal); Robson (W. Brom.)  b/w page 8
•  Shaw, Hoyland and Clark (Sheffield United)  b/w page 10
•  Chelsea 1960/61  b/w page 12
•  Pointer and Furnell (Burnley)  b/w page 14
•  Manchester City 1960/61  b/w page 15
•  B. Douglas and P. Dobing (Blackburn Rovers)  b/w page 18
•  Jackson and Williams (Rotherham United)  b/w page 20
•  Punton and McCrohan (Norwich City)  b/w page 21
•  Williams and Saunders (Swansea)  b/w page 26
•  Ashworth (Luton); Towers (Brentford)  b/w page 29
•  Danny Blanchflower - Spurs Captain holds F.A. Cup aloft  b/w
F.A. Cup Champions - Tottenham team run around the ground with Cup
•  F.A. Cup Fianl at Wembley - Duchess of Kent being introduced to Leicester City team  b/w
Tottenham Hotspur 1960/61
•  England v Scotland at Wembley - Haynes holds Championship Cup with team mates after victory over Scotland  b/w
England v Scotland at Wembley - Greaves scores England's third goal
•  Scottish Cup Final - Dunfermline beat Celtic to win at Hampden  b/w
Amateur Cup Final - Stan Prince, Walthamstow's Captain being chaired by colleagues at Wembley
•  Amateur Cup Final - E. Curtis, West Auckland's centre forward challenges Walthamstow's goal at Wembley  b/w
Schoolyboy International at Wembely - England v Wales - P. Bennet for England in the midst of the Welsh defence
•  F.A. Amateur International - England v Scotland - Pinner saves a shot from McGrory  b/w
Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea)
•  John White (Tottenham Hotspurs)  b/w
Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspurs)
•  Maurice Norman (Tottenham Hotspurs); Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspurs)  b/w
Hugh McIlmoyle (Leicester City); Joe Baker (Hibernian, now with Turin)
•  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)  b/w
Danny Blanchflower (Tottenham Hotspurs)
•  McKay, Brown and Ryden (Tottenham Hotspurs)  b/w
Trautmann and Law (Manchester City)
•  G. Eastham (Arsenal)  b/w
Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
•  R. Smith  (Tottenham Hotspurs); P. Swan (Sheffield Wednesday)  b/w
Shackleton; Labone (Everton)
•  Thomas; McKinley (Notts Forest)  b/w
I. Allchurch; L. Touhy (Newcastle United)
•  P. Donnelly and B. Jenkins (Cardiff City)  b/w
Showell; Stuart (Wolverhampton)
•  H. Gregg and B. Foulkes (Manchester United)  b/w
G. Wills and K. Leek (Leicester City)
•  W. McNeill (Celtic) -  in Scotland kit  b/w
I. St. John (Liverpool); R. Shearer (Rangers) - both in Scotland kit
•  Coddington and Taylor (Huddersfield Town)  b/w page 65
•  Asprey and Mudie (Stoke City)  b/w page 68
•  Dunfermline 1960/61  b/w page 70
•  Celtic 1960/61  b/w page 72
•  Koleff (Sofia and Bulgaria); Theodoridis (Olympiakos Piraus and Greece)  b/w page 73
•  Skoglund (Inter Milano and Sweden); Hanappi (Austria Vienna and Austria)  b/w page 75
•  Kubala (Barcelona and Spain); Rahn (Enschede Holland and Western Germany)  b/w page 77
•  Walter (Bangu Rio de Janeiro); Gensana (Barcelona)  b/w page 79
•  W. Holden (Bury); R. Powell (Chesterfield)  b/w page 84
•  Hibernian 1960/61  b/w page 86
•  Wall and Whale (Southend United)  b/w page 88
•  Jackson (Swindon); Summers (Brentford)  b/w page 91
•  Houghton, Gregory and Barber (Barnsley)  b/w page 93
•  Pask, Pring, Heaney (Southampton)  b/w
Thompson and Walker (Middlesbrough)
•  Wilson, Dickinson, Saunders (Portsmouth)  b/w
Buick, Linnecor, Chapman (Lincoln City)
•  Sharp, Brownsword, Bakes (Scunthorpe)  b/w
Wilson and Currie (Brighton)
•  Leishman and Harrower (Liverpool)  b/w
Johnstone and Gibbs (Leyton Orient)
•  Watson and McGrath (Bury)  b/w
Blakey and Havenhand (Chesterfield)
•  Barnett and Portwood (Port Vale)  b/w
Peake; Smith (Newport County)
•  Phoenix, Branagan, Lister (Oldham)  b/w
McGowan (Wrexham); Hails (Peterborough)
•  Webb and Wilson (Stockport)  b/w
Deakin (Crystal Palace); Calland (Exeter)
•  Puskas (Real Madrid)  b/w
Di Stefano (Real Madrid and Spain)
•  Didi (Rio de Janeiro and Brazil)  b/w
Suarez (Barcelona and Spain)
•  Gento (Real Madrid and Spain); Ramallets (Barcelona and Spain)  b/w
Jusufi (Partizan Belgrade and Jugoslavia); Perusic (Dynamo Zagreb and Jugoslavia)
•  Seeler (Hamburg and Western Germany); Szymaniak (Karlsruher and Western Germany)  b/w
Masopust (Dukla Prague); Wilkes (Fortuna Geleen and Holland)
•  Fontaine (Stade de Reims and France); Albert (Ferencvaros Budapest and Hungary)  b/w
Korynt (Legia Gdansk and Poland); Bellini (Vasco da Gama and Brazil)
•  Foncho (Barcelona and Spain); Grosics (Tatabanja and Hungary)  b/w
Wiersma (Phillips Eindhoven and Holland); Novak (Dukla Prague)
•  Loukanidis (Doksa Drama and Greece); Jaschin (Dynamo Moscow and Soviet Union)  b/w
Kopa (Stade de Reims and France); Kocsis (Barcelona)
•  Corbatta (River Plate and Argentine); Garrincha (Botafogo and Brazil)  b/w
Pele (F.C. Santos and Brazil); Netto (Dynamo Moscow and Soviet Union) 

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