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H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd. - The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1953

The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1953
H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd.
30 photos

This seems to be the second edition of the soccer diary. The colourized photos are double-sided.

Blue & White:
• Barnes (Arsenal)  b/w page 10
• M. Tadman (Plymouth Argyle); Sherwood (Cardiff City)  b/w page 13
• Billy Steel (Dundee)  b/w page 18
• Team Photo (Newcastle United - The Cup Winners)  b/w page 23
• Newcastle United v Arsenal (Cup Final) - Robledo scores Newcastle's winning goal  b/w page 26
• Merrick (Birmingham); Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)  b/w page 28
• Raich Carter (Hull City)  b/w
Ron Burgess (Spurs)
• Mercer (Arsenal)  b/w
T. Lawton (Brentford)
• Johnny Carey (Manchester United)  b/w
W.L. Liddell (Liverpool)
• Thornton (Rangers)  b/w
J. Hagan (Sheffield United)
• Mitchell (Newcastle United)  b/w
Mortensen (Blackpool)
• Simpson (Newcastle United)  b/w
Ian Black (Fulham)
• Mannion (Middlesbrough)  b/w
Sam Bartram (Charlton)
• Gordon Smith (Hibernian)  b/w
Trevor Ford (Sunderland)
Blue & White:
• Scotland v England - Liddell leaps for ball  b/w page 55
• Trautmann (Manchester City)  b/w page 59
• Shackleton (Sunderland)  b/w page 65
• Harry Johnston (Blackpool)  b/w page 71
• Bentley (Chelsea)  b/w page 74
• Hollis (Norwich City); R. Daniel (Arsenal)  b/w page 75
• D. Dooley (Sheffield Wednesday); E. Quigley (Blackburn Rovers)  b/w page 78
• Motherwell v Dundee - Flavell nearly score  b/w page 80

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