Thursday, 25 February 2021

E.S.A. London - (ZAS-050/HX-114-12/Db114-19) Sporting Scenes

(ZAS-050/HX-114-12/Db114-19) Sporting Scenes
E.S.A. London
16+ (5+ football)

The card are School Attendance Reward Cards from the 1920's. The cards are 98mm x 78mm. Grey pictures with a thick yellow surround.

E.S.A. London  19 (Sporting Scenes)

A 'centre' from the right
A sprint start (Athletics)
'Cutting' a ball (Cricket)
Catching a high pass (Lacrosse)
Footwork (Hockey)
Goalkepper 'Handling' (Lacrosse)
Grassing an opponent (Rugby)
Heading a ball
Overhead volley
Playing a bumping ball (Cricket)
Playing forward (Cricket)
Punching out
Trudgeon stroke (Swimming)
Vaulting a gate (Cross-Country Running)
Wicket-keeping (Cricket)

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