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H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd. - The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1963

The "Legible" Soccer Diary 1963
H.B. Langman & Co. Ltd.
75 photos

Another checklist for one of the "Legible" Soccer Diaries, this one is from 1963 and has a total of 44 pages of photographs, 13 have text on the back and 31 are double-sided, so that makes a total of 75 photos listed.

• Team Photo (Tottenham Hotspur)  b/w 1961-62 F.A. Cup Results
• Team Photo (Burnley)  b/w 1961-62 F.A. Cup Results
• G. Leggat and D. Metchick (Fulham)  b/w The Road to the Final 1961-62
• Team Photo (Fulham)  b/w The Honours List 1961-62
• J. Adamson (Burnley)  b/w Footballer of the Year
• Clayton (Blackburn)  b/w Scotland 2 England 0 report
• F.A. Cup Final (Blanchflower holds Cup aloft...)  b/w
F.A. Cup Final (Greaves scores...)
• F.A. Cup Final (Burnley team being introduced to Prince Philip)  b/w
F.A. Cup Final (Tottenham team coming down Grandstand gangway...)
• Scotland v England (Wilson scores Scotland's first goal)  b/w
D. Blanchflower (Tottenham)
• D. McKay (Tottenham)  b/w
Miller and Blacklaw (Burnley)
• R. Pointer and J. McIlroy (Burnley)  b/w
R. Pickett (Ipswich)
• Crawford and Bailey (Ipswich)  b/w
J. Byrne (West Ham)
• Quixall and Brennan (Manchester United)  b/w
L. Brown and J. McLeod (Arsenal)
• Lea and Charlton (Leyton Orient)  b/w
Hill and Holden (Bolton Wanderers)
• Summers and Leary (Charlton)  b/w
A. Oakes and R. Kennedy (Manchester City)
• Vearncombs (Cardiff); R. Smith (Tottenham)  b/w
Allchurch, Russell and Shaw (Sheffield United)
• F.A. Amateur Cup (Middlesbrough Mayor presents Crook Town...)  b/w
Scottish Cup Final (Brands scores for Rangers against St. Mirren)
• J. Baxter and J. Caldow (Rangers)  b/w
P. Crerand and W. McNeil (Celtic)
• J. Haynes and J. Greaves (Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur)  b/w
R. Charlton (Manchester United); R. Douglas (Blackburn)
• A. Peacock (Middlesbrough); G. Eastham (Arsenal); J. Connelly (Burnley)  b/w
R. Robson (West Bromwich); J. Adamson (Burnley)
• R. Flowers (Wolves); P. Swann (Sheffield Wednesday)  b/w
S. Anderson (Sunderland); M. Norman (Tottenham Hotspur)
• J. Armfield (Blackpool); D. Howe (West Bromwich)  b/w
R. Springett (Sheffield Wednesday); A. Hodglinson (Sheffield United)  b/w
• Team Photo (Crystal Palace)  b/w Under 23 International report
• Dougan and Plenderleith (Aston Villa and Manchester City)  b/w Under 23 International report (continued)
• Johnstone and Lister (Oldham Athletic)  b/w Scottish Cup Road to the Final 1961-62
• Team Photo (Millwall)  b/w Transfers
• Team Photo (Doncaster)  b/w Transfers (continued)
• Team Photo (Rotherham United)  b/w Transfers (continued)
• Yvon Duis (Lille and France)  b/w 'The World's Famous Footballers'
• Coluna (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Portugal)  b/w 
Ferenc Sipos (MTK Budapest and Hungary)
• Pedro Rodolfo Dellacha (Argentine)  b/w
Amadeo Raul Carizzo (River Plate and Argentine)
• John Charles (Juventus)  b/w
Marian Wiesnieski (Lens and France)
• Albert Bruells (Moenchen Gladbach and Western Germany)  b/w
Joe Baker (Turin)
• Eusebio da Silva Fereia (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Portugal)  b/w
Karl-Heinz Schnellinger (FC Cologne and Western Germany)
• José Augusto (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Portugal)  b/w
Henning Enoksen (Vejle and Denmark)
• Germano de Figuereido (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Portugal)  b/w
Poul Van Himst (Anderlicht and Belgium)
• Ferenc Machos (MTK Budapest and Hungary)  b/w
José Santamaria (Real Madrid and Spain)
• Denis Law (Turin)  b/w
Roberto Sosa (Nacional Montevideo and Uruguay)
• Nilton Dos Santos (Brazil)  b/w
Helmut Haller (BC Augsburg and West Germany)
• Ivan Kolev CDNA Sofia and Bulgaria)  b/w
Hans Schaefer (FC Cologne and Western Germany)
• Angel Cabrera (Penarol Montevideo and Uruguay)  b/w
Costa Pereira (Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Portugal)
• Pepe (Botafogo Rio and Brazil)  b/w
Guillermo Escalada (Nacional Montevideo and Uruguay)
• José Varacka (Argentine)  b/w
Tejada (Real Madrid and Spain)
• Wolfgang Fahrian (TG Ulm 45 and Western Germany)  b/w
Altafini (Milan and Italy)

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