Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Star - (STA-240) The Untold Story of Spurs

(STA-240) The Untold Story of Spurs
The Star
11 cards

A collection of postcard-sized cards sometimes referred to as Tottenham Hotspur 'Real Photograph' Collector Cards. The back states "Souvenir picture of CLIFF JONES as published in THE STAR October, 1960 illustrating THE UNTOLD STORY OF SPURS by Bill Nicholson".

Les Allen
Peter Baker
Danny Blanchflower
Bill Brown
Terry Dyson
Ron Henry
Cliff Jones (with Mel Charles (Arsenal))
Dave Mackay
Maurice Norman
Bobby Smith
John White


  1. Are these rare? I got given a collection as a kid and still have them?

    1. Hi Scotty,

      Yes, they are hard to come by these days but I don't know if that means they are valuable though, a set of 11 sold for £50 in Stacey's Auction no. 199 (not sure of the date).


  2. Thank you Alan for that reply


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