Friday, 12 June 2020

Foska (Denmark) - Esbjerg fB (1962)

Esbjerg fB
12 cards

I was originally told that these cards were issued in 1965 but now I think they were issued a few years earlier, probably in 1962. They were cut from oatmeal packets, some are portraits and others are action photos, with Foska brands showing on the hoarding in the background. Because of the differences it's possible the cards might come from two different sets

Launy Andersen
Carl Bertelsen - portrait
Carl Emil Christiansen
Eigild Frandsen
Erik Gaardhøje
Jens Jørgen Hansen
Jens Peter Hansen - portrait
Egon Jensen
Preben Jensen - portrait
John Madsen - portrait
Jens Petersen
Knud Petersen - portrait

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