Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Sheffield United F.C. - Sheffield United 2005/06

Sheffield United 2005/06
Sheffield United F.C.
25 cards

A poster was available to collect the cards on. I don't know who did the proof reading for these - the website address on the back of the cards is that of neighbours and rivals Sheffield Wednesday (www.swfc.co.uk)!!!

1.  Paddy Kenny
2.  Leigh Bromby
4.  Craig Short
5.  Chris Morgan
6.  Phil Jagielka
7.  Paul Ifill
9.  Neil Shipperley
10.  Danny Webber
11.  Steve Kabba
12.  Alan Quinn
13.  Phil Barnes
14.  Lilian Nalis
15.  Rob Kozluk
16.  Simon Francis
17.  Nick Montgomery
18.  Michael Tonge
19.  Keith Gillespie
20.  Chris Armstrong
21.  Jonathan Forte
22.  Ian Ross
24.  David Unsworth
25.  Alan Wright
26.  Derek Geary
30.  Paul Shaw
Neil Warnock


  1. Hi Alan

    Just managed to pick up nearly a full set of these. I note that they are not numbered, so are the numbers used here squad numbers?



    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes, I think they were squad numbers.



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