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Cigarrillos Fedora (Spain) - Segunda División (1951-52)

Segunda División
Cigarrillos Fedora
220 cards

This checklist has been provided by
This is the second series of cards that measure 45mm x 65mm and features teams in the Segunda División and are easily recognised as the lettering on the front is blue, whereas it is red for the Primera División cards. This checklist is still a work-in-progress. Any help in adding to it would be much appreciated.

5.  Ferrer (C.D. Mallorca)

32.  Candi (Granada)

50.  Cabrera (Jaén)
55.  Herrero (Jaén)

70.  Elices (Cordoba)
71.  Acosta (Cordoba)
72.  Valero (Cordoba)
73.  Moreno (Cordoba)
74.  Monerris (Cordoba)
75.  Neen (Cordoba)
76.  Pastilla II (Cordoba)
77.  Munoz (Cordoba)
78.  Jorge (Cordoba)
79.  Dimas (Cordoba)
80.  Mancheno (Cordoba)
81.  Lucas (Cordoba)
82.  Jesusin (Cordoba)
83.  Rodriguez (Cordoba)

86.  Alarcón (At. Tetuán)
93.  Martín-Jimeno (At. Tetuán)

98.  Gómez (Real Murcia)
99.  Teberit (Real Murcia)
101.  Marcial (Real Murcia)
102.  Bardají (Real Murcia)
104.  Toni (Real Murcia)
105.  Duro (Real Murcia)
108.  Raphy (Real Murcia)

??.  Cuco (Tenerife)
??.  Julito (Tenerife)
??.  Mendez (Tenerife)
??.  Paquillo (Tenerife)
??.  Perla (Tenerife)

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