Thursday, 21 May 2020

Birmingham City F.C. - Junior Blues Sticker Sheets (2003-04)

Junior Blues Sticker Sheets
Birmingham City F.C.
3 sheets

I don't know all the players on these three sheets, any help with checking the names would be much appreciated. I presume there's at least one more sheet as there is no goalkeeper on the sheets shown here and Kenny Cunningham is amongst a number of players missing too.
UPDATE (21-05-2020 18:26):  Phil Daniels has identified the two missing players - Jeff Kenna and Ian Bennett. I didn't check the goalkeepers as he seems to be wearing a normal jersey. Perhaps there are only three sheets after all.

Junior Blues Sticker Sheets - Sheet 1

Christophe Duggary
David Dunn
Geoff Horsfield
Bryan Hughes
Olivier Tebily
Damian Johnson

Junior Blues Sticker Sheets - Sheet 2

Jovan Kirovski
Jeff Kenna
Stan Lazaridis
Darren Purse
Robbie Savage
Matthew Upson

Junior Blues Sticker Sheets - Sheet 3

Ian Bennett
Darren Carter
Jamie Clapham
Stephen Clemence
Clinton Morrison
Paul Devlin


  1. Is it Ian Bennett the keeper next to Darren Carter?

  2. And the other I think is Jeff Kenna

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thank you. I didn't check the goalkeepers as the players are all wearing the same jerseys. They are Bennett and Kenna.




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