Sunday, 17 May 2020

Baggioli (Italy) - Caccia al Campione (1969-70)

Caccia al Campione
? cards

I've decided to add this collection even though I only know of a handful of cards. They were originally issued as rectangular cards with the player section perforated so that when pushed out one is left with a circular disc. As far as I am aware this is the first set of discs issued by Baggioli and are easy to recognise as the player's name is on the back, not on the front. The second series in 1970-71 included the player's name on the front in an arc while the checklist and some examples for the third series can be seen here - Baggioli (Italy) - Calcio 1971-72.

Caccia al Campione - Rectangular - with Token
Caccia al Campione - Square - without Token
Caccia al Campione - Circular - removed from original card

Bulgarelli (Bologna)
Cera (Bologna)
Gori (Bologna)
Nene' (Cagliari)
Niccolai (Cagliari)
De Sisti (Fiorentina)
Burgnich (Inter)
Anastasi (Juventus)
Chinaglia (Lazio)
Prati (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)
Villa (Milan)
Bianchi (Napoli)
Sala (Torino)
Pele' (Brazil)
Beckenbauer (West Germany)
Muller (West Germany)

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