Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Fleer (Spain) - Liga de Fútbol 1986-87 (Dubble Bubble Gum)

Liga de Fútbol 1986-87
Fleer Dubble Bubble Gum
36 stickers

Stickers of club emblems that measure 30mm x 45mm. A four page album was issued to hold the collection.

Primera Division

Ath. Bilbao
F.C. Barcelona
R. Betis
Cadiz C.F.
R.C.D. Español
S. Gijon
At. Madrid
R. Madrid C.F.
A.D. Mallorca
R. Murcia C.F.
C. At. Osasuna
U.D. Las Palmas
C.D. Sabadell
R. Santander
Sevilla C.F.
R. Sociedad
R. Valladolid
R. Zaragoza

Segunda Division A

Barcelona At.
Bilbao Ath
Cartagena F.C.
R.C. Celta
R.C.D. La Coruña
Elche F.C.
Hercules C.F.
R. Huelva
Jerez D.
C.D. Malaga
R. Oviedo
A.D. Rayo Vallecano
Valencia C.F.

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