Saturday, 6 July 2019

Pif-Gadget (France) - Coupe du Monde de Football (1974)

Coupe du Monde de Football
40 stickers

John Steadman at Premier Football Cards sent me some scans wondering if I may be able to identify where they come from. John realised they were French and probably from the mid-1970's. I didn't have this collection in my database but after a lot of research I managed to find out plenty about them. I've compiled a complete checklist but the layout of the player stickers doesn't seem to match the sticker numbers so I've only placed the players where the sticker numbers are known. That leaves five other stickers listed that fit somehow into the missing places. I believe this album was included with issue no. 275 of a magazine called Pif-Gadget.

1.  Team Photo (R.F.A. - Alemmange de l'Ouest)
2.  Team Photo (R.F.A. - Alemmange de l'Est)
3.  Team Photo (Chile)
4.  Team Photo (Australie)
5.  Team Photo (Yougoslavie)
6.  Team Photo (Zaire)
7.  Team Photo (Bresil)
8.  Team Photo (Ecosse)
9.  Team Photo (Suede)
10.  Team Photo (Pays-Bas)
11.  Team Photo (Uruguay)
12.  Team Photo (Bulgarie)
13.  Team Photo (Haiti)
14.  Team Photo (Argentine)
15.  Team Photo (Italie)
16.  Team Photo (Pologne)
17.  Dino Zoff
18.  ?
19.  ?
20.  Luis Pereira (Bresil)
21.  Breitner (R.F.A.) with Rivelino (Bresil)
22.  Deyna (Polgne)
23.  ?
24.  ?
25.  ?
26.  Cruyff (Pays-Bas)
27.  Keizer (Pays-Bas)
28.  Viktor (Tchécoslovaquie)
29.  Chumpitaz (Peru)
30.  Humberto (Portugal)
31.  Todd (Angliterre)
32.  Sol (Espagne)
33.  Dobrin (Roumaine)
34.  Guillou (France)
35.  Béné (Hongrie)
36.  Cubillas (Peru)
37.  Pele (Bresil)
38.  Onchenko (Russia)
39.  Just Fontaine (France)
40.  FIFA World Cup Trophy

??.  Beckenbauer (R.F.A.)
??.  Marco Antonio (Bresil)
??.  Brindisi (Argentine)
??.  Jairzinho (Bresil)
??.  Müller (R.F.A.)

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