Friday 5 July 2019

Glasgow Evening Citizen - (GLA-080/GKE-1-2) Evening Citizen Autograph Club - Best Wishes

(GLA-080/GKE-1-2) Evening Citizen Autograph Club - Best Wishes
Glasgow Evening Citizen
22 known

These cards can be found with and without "Best Wishes" added to the facsimile autograph. The cards are listed separately as where a player features in both versions the image used on the cards differs. Willie Tunie is listed in the checklist but I can't find a player with this name anywhere. As the only way of identifying the players is to read the signatures, so it's possible this card has been mis-read.
UPDATE (05-07-2019 16:14):  Nik Yeomans thinks that the player listed as Willie Tunie might be Celtic's Willie Fernie. Nik has also provided a scan of the Willie Fernie card.
UPDATE (28-06-2022 13:12):  The date has been amended from 1950-51 to c1955 following a comment left by Davy McB.

Willie Bauld (Heart of Midlothian)
Billy Brown (Dundee)
Paddy Buckley (Aberdeen)
Bobby Collins (Celtic)
Alf Conn (Heart of Midlothian)
Doug Cowie (Dundee)
Bobby Evans (Celtic)
Willie Fernie (Celtic)
Tommy Gemmell (St Mirren)
Archie Glen (Aberdeen)
Harry Haddock (Clyde)
Johnny Hubbard (Rangers)
Andy Kerr (Partick Thistle)
Don Kichenbrand (Rangers)
Ian McMillan (Airdrie)
Alex Parker (Falkirk)
Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian)
Alex Scott (Rangers)
Charlie Tully (Celtic)
Jimmy Wardaugh (Heart of Midlothian)
Geo. Young (Rangers)
Tommy Younger (Hibernian)


  1. The 'without best wishes' cards must be dated somewhere between 1955-58 as Don Kitchenbrand only played in Scotland in that period. Also, Alex Scott only became a professional player in 1954.

    Davy McB.


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