Sunday 2 June 2019

Upper Deck - World Cup 94 - English/Spanish (01) - Box - Walmart Exclusive

1994 World Cup Contenders - English/Spanish
Upper Deck
330 base cards

The Walmark boxes were the only source for the Bora's Fantasy Team sub-set of 11 cards. 20 packets in a box and each includes one Bora's Fantasy Team card.


  1. Thanks for that information Alan. I'm actually on the lookout for one of these sealed boxes. They don't seem to pop up too often for sale.
    I'm collecting the sealed boxes for all the UDWC94 sets.
    I think I have them all except this one and one or two others.

    1. Wow, I hope you managed to track down the missing ones. Good luck.

    2. Thanks Alan, I managed to track this box down but sadly the seller contacted me to inform me the box had water damage and they cancelled the sale!!!! I was gutted. Though it will pop up again, I'm sure. : )


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