Monday, 3 June 2019

Bravo Sport Extra - 18 Sticker (03)

18 Sticker
Bravo Sport Extra
18 stickers

This wrap-around sheet of 18 stickers was issued with Bravo Sport Extra magazine some time in the 1990's but I don't know which issue it was issued with.

Dennis Rodman (American Football)
Mehmet Scholl
Heiko Herrlich
Ciriaco Sforza
Katja Seizinger (Ski-ing)
Carsten Jancker
Fredi Bobic
Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
Xaver Hoffmann (Snowboarding)
Neil O'Donnell, Adrian Murell (American Football)
Martin Max
Dorsey Levens (American Football)
Dariusz Wosz
Sandra Völker (Swimming)
Jan Ulrich (Cycling)
Prince Naseem (Boxing)
Anke Huber (Tennis)

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