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Sportskort (Norway) - Sportsbokens Fotballkort (1977)

Sportsbokens Fotballkort
120 cards

These cards were issued as 15 sheets of 8 cards and when separated they measure approximately 67mm x 102mm. I don't have a complete checklist

1A.  Svein Kvia (Viking)
2A.  Tom Lund (Lillestrom)
3A.  Harald Berg (Bode/Glint)
4A.  Harry Hestad (Molde)
5A.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
6A.  Johan Cruyff (Barcelona)
7A.  Odd Iversen (Valerengen)
8A. Malcolm Macdonald (Arsenal) - Newcastle United kit

5B.  Roy McFarland (Derby)

8C.  Dave Watson (Manchester C)

5D.  Martin Buchan (Manchester U)

1G.  Arne Hansen (Bode/Glimt)
2G.  Per Pettersen (Frigg)
3G.  Tore Lindseth (Rosenborg)
5G.  Birk Engstrom (Bryne)

3H.  Odd Frivold (Start)
5H.  Odd Arild Amundsen (Lyn)
6H.  Trond Pedersen (Start)
8H.  Trond Sirevag (Bryne)

2K.  Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool) - England training kit
4K.  Brian Hall (Plymouth) - Liverpool kit

6L.  Pat Rice (Arsenal)
8L.  Bjorn Hildonen (Norild)

6M.  Norman Hunter (Bristol City) - Leeds United kit

2N.  Johan Neeskens (FC Barcelona)   -   added 17-01-2020   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz

6O.  Willie Morgan (Bolton) - Burnley kit

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