Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Sao Geraldo Com Prod Ltda. (Brazil) - Campeões dos Esportes

Campeões dos Esportes
Sao Geraldo Com Prod Ltda.
? stickers

I've been sent some scans and asked for information about this collection but I don't know anything at all. I've listed the stickers that were shown and included a couple of images for reference. We also found a pennant used to advertise the collection. If you can provide further information please get in touch.

131.  Belini
166.  Quarentinha
185.  Castilgo
187.  Djalma Santos
188.  Mauro
190.  Zozimo
192.  Joel
???.  N. Santos
201.  Feola
203.  De Sordi
208.  Garrincha
209.  Didi
210.  Vava
211.  Pele

J.  Gilmar

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