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Panini America - 2019 Father's Day (02) - Checklist

2019 Father's Day
Panini America
79 base cards

This checklist is a work in progress as today is officially the first day that these cards are available. I'll be updating this as often as I can and will keep adding scans of the football cards until the majority of them can be seen here. I have also added the Manufactured Patch Autograph card of Fernando Fiore - he was the anchorman for Univision's World Cup coverage from 1990 through to 2014 and currently works for Fox Sports, where he can be seen working on a range of football programmes.

2019 Father's Day
79 cards
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1.  Shohei Ohtani (Baseball)
2.  Mike Trout (Baseball)
3.  Mookie Betts (Baseball)
4.  Francisco Lindor (Baseball)
5.  Bryce Harper (Baseball)
6.  Aaron Judge (Baseball)
7.  Manny Machado (Baseball)
8.  Ronald Acuna Jr. (Baseball)
9.  Kris Bryant (Baseball)
10.  Alex Bregman (Baseball)
12.  Ken Giffey Jr. (Baseball)
13.  Rickey Henderson (Baseball)
14.  Cal Ripken Jr. (Baseball)
15.  LeBron James (Basketball)
16.  Kevin Durrant (Basketball)
17.  Steven Curry (Basketball)
18.  Kyrie Irving (Basketball)
19.  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball)
20.  Kawhi Leonard (Basketball)
21.  Damian Lillard (Basketball)
22.  Anthony Davis (Basketball)
23.  Donovan Mitchell (Basketball)
24.  Jaysun Tatum (Basketball)
25.  James Harden (Basketball)
26.  Ben Simmons (Basketball)
27.  Karl-Anthony Towns (Basketball)
28.  Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
29.  Charles Barkley (Basketball)
30.  Tim Duncan (Basketball)
31.  Reggie Miller (Basketball)
32.  Aaron Rodgers (American Football)
33.  Jared Goff (American Football)
34.  Michael Thomas (American Football)
35.  Tom Brady (American Football)
36.  Patrick Mahomes II (American Football)
38.  Philip Rivers (American Football)
40.  Baker Mayfield (American Football)
41.  Saquon Barkley (American Football)
42.  Julian Edelman (American Football)
43.  Ezekiel Elliott (American Football)
44.  Travis Kelce (American Football)
45.  James Connor (American Football)
46.  Khalil Mack (American Football)
47.  Drew Bees (American Football)
48.  Kevin Durrant (Basketball)
49.  Mariano Rivera (Baseball)
50.  Lincoln Riley (American Football)

2019 Father's Day - Rookies

52.  Cedric Mullins (Baseball)
53.  Chance Adams (Baseball)
55.  Jake Bauers (Baseball)
56.  Jeff McNeil (Baseball)
59.  Kolby Allard (Baseball)
60.  Kyle Tucker (Baseball)
62.  Michael Kopech (Baseball)
63.  Ryan O'Hearn (Baseball)
66.  Luka Doncic (Basketball)
67.  DeAndre Ayton (Basketball)
68.  Marvin Bagley III (Basketball)
69.  Kevin Knox (Basketball)
70.  Trae Young (Basketball)
72.  Collin Sexton (Basketball)
73.  Kenrich Williams (Basketball)
74.  Michael Porter Jr. (Basketball)
76.  Fernando Tatis Jr. (Baseball)
77.  Pete Alonso (Baseball)
78.  Chris Paddack (Baseball)
79.  Yusei Kikuchi (Baseball)

Panini Collection
? cards

CP.  Christian Pulisic
CR.  Cristiano Ronaldo
LM.  Lionel Messi
AB.  Alex Bregman (Baseball)
AC Amari Cooper (American Football)
BH Bryce Harper (Baseball)
CB Charles Barkley (Basketball)
DB Drew Bees (American Football)
EE.  Ezekiel Elliott (American Football)
GA Giannis Antetokounmpo (Basketball)
KB.  Kobe Bryant (Basketball)
KD.  Kevin Durant (Basketball)
KI.  Kyrie Irving (Basketball)
KM.  Kyler Murray (American Football)
LD Luka Doncic (Basketball)
LJ.  LeBron James (Basketball)
PM Patrick Mahomes II (American Football)
RA Ronald Acuna Jr. (Baseball)
SB Saquon Barkley (American Football)
SC Stephen Curry (Basketball)
TB Tom Brady (American Football)
TG.  Todd Gurley II (American Football)
VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Baseball)

2019 Father's Day - Memorabilia
? cards
PARALLEL: 2019 Father's Day - Memorabilia 1/1

Neymar Jr
BI.  Brandon Ingram (Basketball)
BM.  Baker Mayfield (American Football)
DA.  DeAndre Ayton (Basketball)
DN.  Dirk Nowitzki (Basketball)
DR.  D'Angelo Russell (Basketball)
DS.  Daniel Suarez (NASCAR)
GT.  Gleyber Torres (Baseball)
JB.  Jaylen Brown (Basketball)
JE.  Joel Embid (Basketball)
JJ.  Jaren Jackson Jr. (Basketball)
JJ.  Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR)
JM.  Jamal Murray (Basketball)
JO.  Jahlil Okafor (Basketball)
JS.  Juan Soto (Baseball)
KB.  Kobe Brant (Basketball)
KB.  Kurt Busch (NASCAR)
KH.  Kevin Harvick (NASCAR)
KO.  Kelly Oubre Jr. (Basketball)
KT.  Karl-Anthony Towns (Basketball)
LD.  Luka Doncic (Basketball)
LJ.  Lamar Jackson (American Football)
LW.  Luke Weaver (Baseball)
MB.  Malik Beasley (Basketball)
MB.  Marvin Bagley III (Basketball)
MB.  Mo Bamba (Basketball)
MC.  Marquese Chriss (Basketball)
MM.  Malik Monk (Basketball)
MS.  Marcus Smart (Basketball)
MT.  Martin Truex Jr. (NASCAR)
RA.  Ronald Acuna Jr. (Baseball)
SB.  Saquon Barkley (American Football)
SD.  Sam Darnold (American Football)
SO.  Shohei Ohtani (Baseball)
TR.  Terry Rozier (Basketball)
VG.  Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Baseball)

Private Signings
? cards

CD.  Clint Dempsey
CP.  Christian Pulisic
AH.  Aaron Holiday (Basketball)
AJ.  Andy Janovich (American Football)
BL.  Barry Larkin (Baseball)
CB.  Cole Beasley (American Football)
CK.  Christian Kirk (American Football)
DC.  Dave Concepsion (Baseball)
DD.  David Dahl (Baseball)
DD.  Donte DiVincenzo (Basketball)
DE.  Dennis Eckersley (Baseball)
DF.  De'Aaron Fox (Basketball)
DR.  Denard Robinson (American Football)
DS.  Darryl Strawberry (Baseball)
EM.  Edgar Martinez (Baseball)
FN.  Frank Ntilikina (Basketball)
HD.  Hamidou Diallo (Basketball)
KS.  Kyle Schwarber (Baseball)
KW.  Kenrich Williams (Basketball)
LM.  Lauri Markkanen (Basketball)
LT.  Luis Tiant (Baseball)
LW.  Lonnie Walker IV (Basketball)
MB.  Mo Bamba (Basketball)
NC.  Nick Chubb (American Football)
OG.  Ozzie Guillen (Baseball)
OV.  Omar Vizquel (Baseball)
PL.  Phillip Lindsay (American Football)
SG.  Steve Garvey (Baseball)
TE.  Tremaine Edmunds (American Football)
TL.  Tyquan Lewis (American Football)
TS.  Trevor Story (Baseball)
WG.  Will Grier (American Football)

Panini Manufactured Patch Autographs

FF.  Fernando Fiore (Football TV Commentator)
PP.  Pavel Pardo
BS.  Braden Shipley (Baseball)
CG.  Casey Gillaspie (Baseball)
CH.  Chandler Hutchinson (Basketball)
DG.  Derrius Guice (American Football)
EE.  Evan Engram (American Football)
EO.  Elie Okobo (Basketball)
GA.  Grayson Allen (Basketball)
JR.  Jerome Robinson (Basketball)
RJ.  Ronald Jones II (American Football)
SD.  Sam Darnold (American Football)
SG.  Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Basketball)

Black Frday Manufactured Patch
College Memorabilia
Football Prospects
Hat Logo Patch
NFL Logo Patch
Spirit of the Game
USA Baseball

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