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Glico (Japan) - J.League Mascots (1994) - Series F/G

J.League Mascots
24 cards

The cards are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only. I've shown two examples of each of the card types but I must admit to not knowing which is regarded as Series F and which is Series G. As you might have gathered there were four previous series issued in 1993 (the first ever J.League season) and there were also a couple of series issued in 1995. If anyone can provide scans of cards from the other series please get in touch.

J.League Mascots - Series F

F01.  Kashima Antlers
F02.  JEF United Ichihara
F03.  Urawa Red Diamonds
F04.  Verdy Kawasaki
F05.  Yokohama Marinos
F06.  Yokohama Flugels
F07.  Shimizu S-Pulse
F08.  Nagoya Grampus Eight
F09.  Gambo Osaka
F10.  Sanfreece Hiroshima
F11.  Bellmare Hiratsuka
F12.  Jubilo Iwata

J.League Mascots - Series G

G01.  Kashima Antlers
G02.  JEF United Ichihara
G03.  Urawa Red Diamonds
G04.  Verdy Kawasaki
G05.  Yokohama Marinos
G06.  Yokohama Flugels
G07.  Shimizu S-Pulse
G08.  Nagoya Grampus Eight
G09.  Gambo Osaka
G10.  Sanfreece Hiroshima
G11.  Bellmare Hiratsuka
G12.  Jubilo Iwata

J.League Mascots - Series F

F01.  集合・鹿島
F02.  集合・市原
F03.  集合・柏
F04.  集合・川崎
F05.  集合・横浜M
F06.  集合・横浜F
F07.  集合・清水
F08.  集合・名古屋
F09.  集合・G大阪
F10.  集合・広島
F11.  集合・平塚
F12.  集合・磐田

J.League Mascots - Series G

G01.  集合・鹿島
G02.  集合・市原
G03.  集合・柏
G04.  集合・川崎
G05.  集合・横浜M
G06.  集合・横浜F
G07.  集合・清水
G08.  集合・名古屋
G09.  集合・G大阪
G10.  集合・広島
G11.  集合・平塚
G12.  集合・磐田

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